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When Life Gets You Down
Weekly devotional by Barbara Sanders

cross Hebrews 4:16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

If you are anything like me and my friends, it's easy to get down in life. We have busy schedules and any and everything goes wrong, and it often happens when we least expect it. And we WORRY!

Jesus had a life on earth that 'could have' made Him worry, but, he never worried. He knew that one of his own disciples was going to deny Him. He was met with opposition in His own town. Imagine being in His shoes and having people reject you, spit on you, and not believe that you where who you said you were.

Through the years, I've learned life is only as good or as bad as you make it. With the onset of worry, what do you do? Do you just give into the feelings of despair, or do you pray? Do you decide that you can handle the circumstance, while you worry? Or do you immediately remember GOD is there to help you handle these things, and He is waiting on you to ask? Too many times, we let ourselves down by worrying. It's sort of an automatic thing to worry, but a very unhealthy attitude to take. The enemy would want you to worry, not to be able to call on the help that he even knows that GOD can give to you.

The Word tells us to come boldly to the throne for our help. The Word, prayer, and God's power within you can sustain you through all the troubles the enemy can heap on your head. So, the next time you feel like worrying, turn to God. He is there to help you at any time!

Heavenly Father, It's easy to get over into worry and depression in the world today. Help us to turn to you with all our troubles, that you can sustain us. Help us to overcome the enemy. We give you praise! Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Written ©April 6, 2002 by Barbara Sanders. All rights reserved.
Copy only with permission.



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