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A Healing Balm

Devotional by Barbara Sanders

Jeremiah 8:22 [Is there] no balm in Gilead; [is there] no physician there? why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered?

Life seems to get more complex the longer we live. Things happen that we don't fully comprehend, and we have no explanation for the whys, ifs, and's, and but's....we just feel it might have been meant to happen.

As a Christian, most of us have been trained to put our faith in Jesus Christ, the man who 'walked the water', 'made the blind to see', 'healed the sick'; in other words, He performed miracles. And when things go wrong in a Christian's life, we automatically think they will seek out the ONE who can do all these things - restore life to the dead, and 'life' to the living. But it doesn't always happen as such. We do all we can do, try to persuade, pray, share, and all seems to be in vain. Some have the prompting of the Holy Spirit to share Words with the person/persons who have come under attack, or need help, and it all seems to go by unheeded. What can we do?

When we are so close to the things going on in some lives, we feel helpless when prayers go up, and we obey the moving of the Holy Spirit, and the hurting people seem not to 'hear'...... those words may be hitting hearts that aren't in obedience to God - a heart that has hardened due to past disobedience and running from God. Or they may reach the ears of someone who doesn't want to listen, doesn't want to turn from their ways that may have landed them in that particular situation. Those hurting people have to realize they need help or that they are out of God's will before they will listen. In no way, are we to feel responsible for the decision they make in their lives. When we pray and seek God for guidance in a particular situation, and the words we share go unheeded, we have done our part. What happens next is up to the person that chose not to listen.

In the Old Testament, it speaks of the balm , a general name for many oily or resinous substances which flow or trickle from certain trees or plants when an incision is made through the bark. This is a kind of salve that can be put on cuts, etc. But there is another healing balm, one that can change lives and nations when they are struggling and nothing else can help. This is the blood of Jesus Christ, the all sufficient one. He doesn't put a 'bandage' on their 'wounds', but applies His mercy and bring them back to the place of forgiveness, the changing of their hearts through His applied blood. If they will only heed his calling, Christ will help them through all the trials, the tribulations, even the consequences of disobedience, but they have to want His help. He's a gentlemen; he won't interfere. But we find that when we don't heed his calling/warning, and go out on our own, the consequences can be far worse, had we just asked for his help in the first place.

The way of the human is to want to be 'self-sufficient'. GOD wants us to come to him with our troubles, cast our cares upon Him, for he cares for us. But we, in our own infinite mind, usually feel 'we' can do it ourselves, and if we ask for help, perhaps we are weak. But that's what our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ is there in our lives, to guide us in making decisions, to help us through our troubles, to draw us closer to Him when we are feeling low. HE and only HE is able to bring us through without a 'scar'. He is our BALM in Gilead - the Healer and Great Physician.

Heavenly Father, I thank you tonight that you are my Great Physician, the one in whom I put my full trust , the one in whom I have ever confidence that my needs are met. I thank you for the healing blood of Christ, that I not only have been given life eternal and been cleansed of all unrighteousness, but you have given me bodily health. You are truly my balm of Gilead! I will ever give you the praise, honor and glory due your name. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Written ©February 21, 1998 by Barbara Sanders. All rights reserved.

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