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Do You Know Him?
Weekly devotional by Barbara Sanders

cross Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Today, as I road through the streets of my old hometown, the thought came to me: I don't know this town anymore; I don't know the people anymore and most of them don't know me. I've lost touch with this town, having left it exactly 34 years ago July 6th....Monday, my 34th anniversary of marriage.

Many people become this way with the Lord. They were taught about Him during their young years, but they lose touch later in life. They fail to commit their lives to Him, to walk in His ways and go out on their own to investigate the world. They often get hung up in the worldly ways, forgetting they ever knew the better way was with Christ.

The Lord never changes; he's the same today as he was 2,000 years. If anything is different, it has to be us. We don't recognize sometimes that we have changed. We think we are okay. We do 'our thing'....and just go on about our business like the next day is 'coming' right on time. Perhaps tomorrow will never come for some of us....we are not promised tomorrow. Today should be the day of 'your salvation'.

What about you? Do YOU know him? Have you followed your path and not his? Have you given the devil your life, not realizing it? You know, if you aren't living for GOD, then you are living for satan. He is the deceiver and you might be so wrapped up in doing what you want, that you don't realize he has you.

Have you checked your list of preferences lately? Is GOD at the top? If not, you might need to ask yourself why. HE should be on the top of everybody's list....for HE is the everything we ever need - He provided GRACE by faith, a free gift, that we only have to accept in order to have eternal life with Him. He is our peace - that peace that passeth all understanding that nobody else can give. HE is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end, and HE is the "inbetween" for Christians. In other words, He is "I Am" - MY ALL in ALL.

If you haven't made HIM your Saviour, why not drink from the well of living waters tonight - just tell Him that you realize you've sinned, and you need a Saviour - that you know that He gave His life for you on Calvary, that you might be saved. You know that he was buried, rose again and is now at the right hand of the Father, interceding for his saints...and that you want to be cleansed from all your sins and become His right now...Give Him Thanks for your new life and ask him to lead and guide you in every step of your life. Give him PRAISE, worship and honor Him daily. LIVE a life that is free of worldly pleasures, but filled with all the spiritual help you will ever need. HE is the GREAT "I AM".

Heavenly Father, if there is one that comes here tonight that isn't trusting fully in you for their every need, and haven't committed fully to you as Saviour, I ask that you show them the way at this moment, to become yours and live a life that is holy for You. May they understand that living this life is not hard - you have provided a way for peace and happiness - through your Son, Jesus Christ. We give you praise for those that have come back to you or turned their lives over to you this day. We give you praise, honor and glory due your precious name. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

Written ©July 5, 1998 by Barbara Sanders. All rights reserved.
Do not copy without permission.

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