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By Barbara Sanders

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Is It Real?
Stay Ready!
Life Happens- Part II
Life Happens
The Fix
Taxes, War, and The Ten Commandments
A Firm Foundation
The Finish Line
Life and Death
Making Choices
The Biggest Celebration!
Birthday of All Birthdays!
Hold On!
Summer or Winter?
Truth Or Lies?
He Will Sustain You
He Will Return!
Things Are Not What They Seem
Budgeting Our Time
Too Many Roads Leading Home?
To Each His Own or My Point of View
Choose God - Miss Hell
A Higher Standard
Who Is The Enemy?
Fast Food, Fast Life, Fast World
Labor In Vain
A Band Aid or Surgery
The Bridegroom And The Bride
A Dish of Patience
There's a Holy War Going On!
Friends Come And Friends Go
The Storm Is Here
Healthy Soul Food
God Cares!
Seed Time And Harvest
I Shall Not Be Moved!
Leaning On God
When Life Gets You Down
He's Still God
He Will 'Kiss The Boo Boos
Guard Your Treasures!
Bless Us, 'O Lord
Pet Peeves
Facing Death and God
Things Change
What's New?
Christmas Is In The Air
Are You In Ruins?
In The Storm
Wise or Compromise?
Lament or Limit?
God IS With US!
Is It Well With Your Soul?
Feeling Like Riley?
In His Time
The Fragility of Life
Climbing Up The Mountain
Knowing And Doing
Do You Believe
The Sneaky Thief
Faith That Won't Bend
Is It Impossible?
All About Father
It's Almost Supper Time
'Daniel' In The Den of Lions!
The Memories That Live On
Life Worth Living
Victory In Defeat
A Selective Friendship
Divine Appointment
Key To 'The DOOR'
The Road Leading Home
Lessons Learned
Count Your Blessings
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Anchor Your Faith
What Are Your Words Worth?
Are All Your Ducks In A Row?
Our America
Father's Son
Has America Lost Her Conscience?
In A State of Frenzy
All In Good Time
I'll Be Home For Christmas
We Are Blessed!
Call Upon His Name
Only Time Will Tell
The Price Of Bread
God Has Not Forgotten Us
Thy Will Be Done
Three Strikes And You Are Out!
Wacky Ways Of Deception
Hope In The Land Of Abundance
Changing Times, Unchanging God
The Grave Can't Hold Us!
Shattered Dreams
The Simple Truth
Back To Our Roots
The Eyes Have It
Who Is Your God
The Ease of Witnessing
Are You Prepared?
Up The Creek
I Need A Vacation
Eternity On The Horizon
The Woes And Wonders Of It All
The 'Oops' In Our Lives
Not Always Our Way
Held Captive By Fleshly Desires
Our Father
Don't Be Swayed By Public Opinion
Using The Right Fertilizer?
Going Home
Keep Your Traveling Clothes On!
God Will Meet Your Need
Honesty Versus Dishonesty
Resurrection Day
Go For The Goal
On The Winning Team
Open My Blinded Eyes
Searching For Peace?
Satan and His Side Kicks
The Devil Stealing 'Your lunch'?
I Wanna'
IN Need of A Heart Specialist?
White as Snow
Jesus, Lover of My Soul!
Whom Shall I Fear?
God Is Still In Charge!
Through It All
Oh, How HE Loves Us!
Leaping Lizards!
On Being YOU
Aliens, Germlins, or The Adversary?
Tears-God's Cleansing Machine for Emotions
Oasis in A Dark World
Who's Wearing The Mask?
Seasons of Life
The Word Goes Forth
Upon This Rock I Stand
Or In Whom Do you Place Your Trust?
Newness of Life
"Turn The Other Cheek"
Give God Praise!
"Y2" Compliant!
Spiritual Annexation
In His Presence
Citizen of Two Worlds
Where Is Our Faith?
Vessel of Honor
Person Of The Century
Being The Messenger - Bringing The Message
Bread - Fresh or Stale?
We Shall Be Like Him
Who Are You Trusting?
Whose Armor Do You Wear?
When The Call Comes
Looking For Love
Healing S.P.A
Season Of The Heart
This Too Shall Pass!
Measured By The Word
God's Formula Or Yours?
Be not ashamed - Live Your Testimony!
Saturated With Him!
Blinded Eyes
A Teachable Spirit
Praise And Worship In Spirit And Truth
Breaking Out of Our Comfort Zone
Do You Know Him?
Sweet Smelling Savor OR?
God's Workmanship
Moving The Stones
Watch The Tongue
Follow The Word - Being Christ's Disciple
A Life Is At Stake!
Do You Want A Revival?
Root Problem
But By God's Grace
Let Your Light Shine
Moving To The Promised Land
Turn The Page
A Healing Balm
Pain - Mental, Physical, and Spiritual
The Anchor Holds
The Three Conjunctions of Life - If, And, But
No Secrets Or Coverup With God
Have You Arrived?
The "Front" Door
A New Beginning
Looking Back
The Season of Love
Giving Thanks of Unusual Nature
In The Face of Adversity
Never Give Up!
Death is Sure!
The Lord Never Changes
The Thief - Part Two
The Thief
Frustrated But Not Defeated!
Losing Focus
Mary and Martha
Truths - Self-Evident
The Last Tear
Havoc or Peace?
Hold Fast!
Be Prepared
The King is Coming
Life Is Not A Bowl Of Cherries!
A Time of Refreshing
Can't Live on Ego Alone!
Who Am I?
The Price Of Freedom
Make In Me A Clean Heart
Feeling Incompetent or Inadequate?
The Potter's Clay
We Serve An Awesome God!
Stress Relief
Relinquish The Battle To God!
Letting Go....Letting God!
I'm Rusty, Lord
Peace Maker
Are You Tuned In?
In Times Like These
The Solid Rock
Time of Rest
Power In That Name
Become as a Little Child


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