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Black On White

My words are often stones that crush a soul,
or flowing fields of flowers that bring a smile.
At times their message heals a broken heart -
becoming swords that sever love from hate.

Thus quill in hand its nib flings fire-y darts.
I cannot know the mark which they may find,
nor if the target they may chance to pierce,
will bring reward or some remorseful curse.

Yet searching in my soul I thus draw forth:
black flowing ink to fill white paper scrolls.
The dark of blackness then more clearly viewed
becomes a living word when shown in light.


Don't Feed The Pigs

If in the muddy pens of sin you seek
to cast your pearls as bribes to gain men's love,
the swine of earth will feed upon your soul;
your virtue swallowed whole by dispassionate pigs.

The scriptures say, "Cast not your pearls to swine."
Don't let your love be heard by careless ears
which then on twisted tongues will spread their lies:
that drag your witness down to dark despair.

Your words and acts enlightening souls of men,
must bear discernment: how and where they'll grow.
Seek not to be all things to all mankind,
and tell what's in your heart to chosen few.


The Unruly Member

Unbridled tongues of men and wild horses
feed on new growth:
either gossip or young plants.
They tear at the roots that nourish the hearts
of succulent green stalks,
or innocent poor souls.
Man tames wild horses and bridles their mouth,
restricting their feeding
to only his choices;
Yet, his tongue uncontrolled, ravages the regions
where souls seek to grow -
leaving only dead gossip.

Poems by Ron Baron

Poems used by permission of Ron Baron October 10, 1997


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