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Do you have small children that you are having to explain that 'we just don't do Halloween at our home?', only to hear "WHY?" Little children just don't understand why Halloween isn't just some nice holiday to experience, to dress up in 'fun clothing', and shop around the neighborhood for treats. If we could keep it at that, and only for the very young, it could be another time of happiness in a child's life and memory. But, it's far from innocent anymore.

When I was young, and when my children were young, we went out with our little bags to 'trick or treat', but didn't ever trick, because that wasn't allowed. We simply wanted the candy that went with going from house to house on that special night.

candy corn

Simple 'trick or treating' in the neighborhoods anymore is gone. You will always see something of a bad nature, no matter how careful you are to take your children to good neighborhoods. There always has to be someone who will put a damper on anything good.

I don't have the answers to this situation. But, I do know, no matter who you talk to, you will probably get lots of different answers on what they, as parents, have done, will do, or, are doing this Halloween, in order to keep their little tykes safe. To help with decisions for the Christian, I am putting great links here for things to do, and places to go, in order to keep your child entertained on Halloween, while the rest of the world 'tricks and treats'.

Another thought is what our church will be doing on Wednesday. They are having a treat night. They will be cooking, eating, and enjoying a time of fellowship. It will be safe, fun, and keep them off the streets.

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