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"What We Have Coming"

John Ruffle. London, England.
Letter to a Pastor in Littleton, Colorado.
29th May 1999


Still, it seems almost unbelievable what happened. Have been reading with interest your well documented accounts of what is happening. I am thrilled that positive outcomes -especially for the long term- are emerging from the pain of tragedy and loss. It would have been too easy for the pain to have gone "underground" once the media spotlight moved on. But I am certain that Littleton will never be the same again.

No, it wasn't God's will. However, persecution is part of what we have coming - it is clear in Scripture. When one has this settled in one's heart, then frankly, the question "how could God allow this to happen" simply isn't an issue. Christians especially underestimate the power of human free-will, and those enemy devices that continually seek to undermine and enslave human "free" will to demonic, despotic schemes. Truly, the only "Free" will is that will surrendered ( i.e., freely made a "love-slave") of Jesus Christ. He is our only freedom. It cost Jesus everything to purchase it for us; it will cost US everything to APPROPRIATE what has been freely given us.

Well, you don't need preaching to. But just to say you are close in our thoughts. June issue of Charisma shocked me, however, by it's virtually non-existent coverage of the tragedy. More later.



PS: Still have long hand what I wrote in my journal for Littleton, but will hold it till later.

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