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"Torchgrab: A Catalyst"

John Ruffle. London, England.
Letter to a Pastor in Littleton, Colorado.
4th July 1999


The TORCHGRAB is really coming great guns and I'm with you 100% on the project. It will be a catalyst that the Lord will move through to reach a generation. This is really what I call taking the Cell Church dynamic to a mighty use. Much more could be said, but I won't. I'll include below the blurb I have sent to a few old friends re. the rally however:

John Ruffle writes...


Although I'm mailing this out to a few people at one time, please take (this) message.. seriously and pass the word around re. the TOUCHGRAB Rally coming up August 6th-7th 1999.

For those of you who do not know Pastor Bruce Porter, let me say that here is a man of the greatest integrity, and who has a heart not only for this Nation (i.e., USA) but most importantly, a heart for the Kingdom of God. I have known Bruce for 29 years; we worked together during some of the most formative years of our young and growing faith - Bruce fresh back from the tragedy of Vietnam, while I was an Englishman in a foreign land, coming to grasp with basic elements of Christian discipleship. Later, we joint ran a business, shared ministry, traveled, laughed -and cried- together, and have stayed in touch to varying degrees through the years.

As a direct result of the Littleton Co. tragedy, some of you will be familiar with Pastor Bruce's ministry through newsclips on CNN, on CBN's 700 club, and I understand that he will be appearing on James Robinson's TV programme later in July. Please do pray and support this event in every way possible.

The Lord is, I believe, releasing a "catalyst" into the youth of the nation, which is giving young people to rise up in faith and to cast off the shackles that an unbelieving society has placed upon them. I believe that "Torchgrab" is the catalyst that the Lord has raised up for this specific moment in history. If you can't be there, or if it is not appropriate for you to be there, PLEASE PRAY FOR AND DURING THIS EVENT.

No one in their right mind ever wanted the Columbine massacre to happen. It should never have happened. But, tragically, it did. And life will never be the same again within that community. It is at such a time as this that the full redemptive power of the Holy Spirit can, will and is being poured out in the land to those who are hungry, thirst and broken hearted. Such a people He can use. Such a people will be at Torchgrab. Thank you friends for caring and loving.

-John Ruffle

PS: We care, here in London, England.
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