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"A Tribute to Rachael Joy Scott"

John Ruffle. London, England.
Written: 15th August 1999.


Iíve met your mother, your step-dad. They have been as a fragrance in our home and our community here in London. (But I donít have to tell you that - you know) And in meeting them, I feel that Iíve met you; know you.

In fact, as soon as I first saw your picture in the media - all these miles away from where you once called ďhomeĒ.. it was as though Iíd always known you.

And maybe itís because we both were striving, in our imperfection, to know our One True Father. (You saw your weaknesses. But now you know: Jesus saw His strength made perfect in you!) Well, congratulations, dearest Sister!

I say that with all the affection and tenderness that someone this side of eternity can muster. Rachel Joy: you made it through!

I sigh, and I know that yes, this world is a brutal place. But, in those last few seconds, did you realize that those shots would ring around the world? Rachel, dearest; (you were so tender, so young) just like the hammer blows pounded into the hands and feet of our Dear Saviour.

Why am I writing these words: This is no eulogy. Iím writing to you because although promoted, I really donít think youíll ever loose the ability to read. Read hearts that is.

And anyhow. I just wanted to introduce myself. And to let you know, ďI love youĒ. Is that OK?

And to show I really mean those cruel, double-tongued so often violated words, Iíll try to prove it to you.

By reaching out and trying to love our Jesus
- and those around me -
Just that little bit more!
(But itís going to take more grace!)

Well, I really must pick myself up, and go fetch your folks - they have an airplane to catch, you know. (Just one of those petty details the earth-bound Family still have to deal with!)

Bye Bye - But only for the moment. Iíll be seeing you. Iím sure of it. And we will worship Jesus together - as one flowing, forever family! And am I proud of you? Hey, Rachel Joy - you bet!

Your humbled brother,

Oh, and I nearly forgot. Your journals are beautiful. ---

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