by John E. Ruffle
20th April 2000.

Today is Passover.
And Rachel
I met you
As you drove to school this morning
Towards your destiny
Passing the window of my mind
Your dreams and hopes
So vivid, vibrant, fresh
Waiting for fulfillment.

This time last year
Your deepest yearnings
Were strangely, tragically, fulfilled

Today Is Passover.
How appropriate.
The Lamb which was slain
To take away the worldís sin.
Yet we choose to let sin remain.

This exact morning
One year ago
You closed the front door
Drove off to school
As any other morning.
For the Last Time.
Today is Passover.

Today is Passover.
And we are told
That we must fellowship with His sufferings
If we are to share His>

Did you ever think that it would be so absolute
This Time Last Year
As you casually turned on the engine
And rolled down the driveway?

Today is Passover.
And those shots,
The intensity of a split second
Still ring around the world
In resonance with the Hammer Blows
Pounded into the Hands and Feet
Of the One Who went before you.

Today is Passover.
And you have kindled afresh in me
The desire to Shepherd,
Care and Tend Godís sheep.
Maybe even to be poured out
(Even though I know not what that means)
To the hurting youth of our Nations
And even though Iím here in Britain.

Thatís how far Godís love
In you
Has Reached,

Today is Passover.
How appropriate.
School is not in session
This year.
It's maybe God's special way of remembering
You and the others who died.

I will remember
This Time Last Year.
The day you entered Columbine
For the First Time
Into Eternity
Into Our


Today is Passover.

Copyright Pastor John E. Ruffle, 20th April 2000, London England, 08:08 Hours GMT + 1.

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