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Volume 2 Issue No. 21 - May 26, 2001

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Hello from Barbara's Entourage!

Time marches on! Once again, we have arrived at the Memorial Day weekend, when everyone is thinking about the loved ones that never made it home. Whether it was the Civil War, World War I or II, the Korean War, or the Vietnam war, all the loved ones were special, for they fought for our right to live in freedom.

Another SON gave His life for our freedom, that we might live eternally. He withstood the enemy during the battle of life on earth, but won the fight in victory for our souls, at the cross. He hung there for us, in our place, nailing all our sins to the cross. Just as the loved ones that lost their lives in battle will be remembered, so should we remember the SON of God, our Saviour, who gave His life freely for the 'cause'...... life eternal.


Hebrews 12:2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

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Devotionals at Barbara's Entourage this week!

Master's Table Weekly Devotional

The Memories That Live On

Weekly Archives Devotions can be found at Master Archives.


Miss a day of Daily Dose this week?
Daily Dose of God's Word May 21-25, 2001

He Looks Beyond Our Faults
A Shoulder To Cry On
Wishing Will Not Get It
Its Not Fair!
Are You Short-Changing God?

Visit Daily Dose archives to read past devotions at Barbara's Entourage.



Weary Warrior

Are you feeling weary and in need of a rescue? Well, now's the time to visit God and Peggie's Place, for a great devotional! God has been there , done that, (so has Peggie!) and is ready to help you go from a weary warrior to a strong warrior!



Armed & Dangerous: PRAYER

This is a great place for the prayer warrior who wants to engage in biblical prayer!

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"When down in the mouth, remember Jonah. He came out alright."

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Featured links found in the many pages of Barbara's Entourage!

Memorial Day at Barbara's Entourage

Want to know more about Memorial Day in America? Come to Barbara's Entourage and learn the where's and why's of the Memorial Day holiday, along with information and links on wars in which we have taken part. Also, you'll find many great links to other Memorial Day sites.


Facts and Events of the Month of June

Lots of information about the month of June, plus many links to facts about events that happened throughout the world during the month of June.

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Christian friends sharing their faith on the Net!

On Memorial Day, we will honor the young boys, men, fathers, and grandfathers that have died in wars. Here are a few great websites to visit for this Memorial Day.

Memorial Day History and Information on U.S. War Memorials

Annie's Memorial Day Welcome Page

Memorial Day

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"If you're going kill each other, do it outside - I just finished cleaning!"

From: Things My Mother Taught Me

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Having barbecue in the backyard for Memorial Day? Why not try this mouth-watering steak recipe from All recipes.com.

Savory Garlic Marinated Steaks

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Somebody once figured out that we have 35 million laws trying to enforce 10 commandments.

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Joy, Humor, and Faith on the net!

A Sunday School teacher decided to have her young class memorize one of the most quoted passages in the Bible... Psalm 23. She gave the youngsters a month to learn the verse. Little Bobby was excited about the task, but he just couldn't remember the Psalm. After much practice, he could barely get past the first line. On the day that the kids were scheduled to recite Psalm 23 in front of the congregation, Bobby was so nervous. When it was his turn, he stepped up to the microphone and said proudly, "The Lord is my shepherd...and that's all I need to know!"


Signs That You're No Longer A Kid

You're asleep, but others worry that you're dead.
Your back goes out more than you do.
You quit trying to hold your stomach in, no matter who walks into the room.
You buy a compass for the dash of your car.
You are proud of your lawn mower.
Your best friend is dating someone half their age ... and isn't breaking any laws.
Your arms are almost too short to read the newspaper.
You sing along with the elevator music.
You would rather go to work than stay home sick.
You constantly talk about the price of gasoline.
You consider coffee one of the most important things in life.
You make an appointment to see the dentist.
You no longer think of speed limits as a challenge.
Neighbors borrow your tools.
People call at 9 PM and ask, "Did I wake you ?"
You answer a question with, "because I said so!"
The end of your tie doesn't come anywhere near the top of your pants.
You take a metal detector to the beach.
You wear black socks with sandals.
You know what the word "equity" means.
You can't remember the last time you laid on the floor to watch television.
Your ears are hairier than your head.
You get into a heated argument about pension plans.
You got cable for the weather channel.
You can go bowling without drinking.
You have a party and the neighbors DON'T EVEN REALIZE IT!!!

Source unknown



A country preacher was walking the back roads near his church. He became thirsty so decided to stop at a little cottage and ask for something to drink. The lady of the house invited him in and in addition to something to drink, she served him a bowl of soup by the fire. There was a small pig running around the kitchen. The pig was constantly running up to the visitor and giving him a great deal of attention. The visiting pastor commented that he had never seen a pig this friendly.

The housewife replied: "Ah, he's not that friendly. That's his bowl you're using."

Circulating in Email - Author unknown

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A word or two from...

Christianity Today Magazine
May 18, 1998
By Barbara Brown Taylor

(MCNS) -- On Sunday mornings, a great division takes place among American people as some go to church and most stay home. Those who stay home are not taking a week off; church is simply not part of their lives.

Read the whole article "The Day We Were Left Behind."



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1. Great tenderness of Conscience, secured by constant, regular, and earnest confession to God, a hatred of all sin, imperfection, infidelity, by calmly but resolutely fleeing every occasion of it.

2. Great purity of heart, by detachment from all earthly things,--wealth, luxuries, fame, kindred, friends, tastes, even life itself . . . not that we need fail in love to our kindred and friends, but we must only let the thought of them abide in the heart as united to the love and thought of God.

3. Great purity of mind, carefully excluding from it all useless, distracting thoughts as to past, present, or future; all preoccupation over some pet employment; all desire to be known, and thought well of.

4. Great purity of action, only undertaking what lies in the path of duty; controlling natural eagerness and activity; acting soberly, with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT, the thought that by our deeds we glorify God; pausing for a moment, when passing from one occupation to another, in order to direct aright the intention; and taking care to be always occupied in what is useful and beneficial.

*To be continued next week

By Charlotte M. Yonge - 1880

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That's a Roundup from Barbara's Entourage for this week.
"Head knowledge makes you smart; heart knowledge makes you HIS!"



Ephesians 5:6 Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.

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