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The American Heritage Dictionary states two things that I think apply to the family values. They are as follows: " 2. To regard highly; esteem. 3. To rate according to relative estimate of worth or desirability; evaluate." The dictionary also lists as it's number one definition for a family as " A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of a man and woman and their offspring." Placing these two together, we have 'family values'.

If one would place more emphasis on 'family values' today, maybe the shape of this world would be different. We are too afraid of causing conflict within a family, if we suggest that things aren't like they should be - that people need to make changes in their lives. I remember during my childhood when a family meant something. You made contact every day with those you were near, and you stayed in contact with those you were less fortunate to be near. You loved one another, rallied around a family member when they were down, and you helped in times of crisis. Now days, it's mostly 'to each his own', and the family values have gone amuck, resulting in a bad state of affairs for this great nation we call our own.

Today, this nation needs to turn back to God, and practice HIS true Christian family values. We need to check GOD's word and see what he says about family values and then re-check our thinking on the family structure. If we keep our focus on God and HIS values, we will be come a stronger nation, and we will have families built with love, honor, and a longing to do what is pleasing in HIS sight. If we would follow his outline for our lives and obey His Ten Commandments, then there wouldn't be so much turmoil in this land.

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