Grandma With Spirit!
by Barbara Sanders

I've never been one for being 'politically correct', 'quietly dignified', or 'shut up' when I'm having a good time! I get overly excited, cry with emotion, laugh with pleasure, all in the short length of a few minutes. It all depends on what's happening, where I am, or who I am with.

That takes me to the ball game! There's nothing like a good football game, especially when you are familiar with the team and it's players. There's nothing like sitting on the stands, with expectation, for that ball to go up in the air, praying it will find it's receiver before the defensive team finds him, or possibly picks off the ball.

And, that takes me to Grandma! This Grandma, affectionally known as Nanny, (my oldest grandson, the football player, couldn't pronounce Granny) is not a quiet football observer. Quite the contrary! I get excited, don't mind standing up and being heard, right along with the parents and the school kids. And, if it calls for screaming, you might hear me over everyone else! What makes me act like a football-crazed teenager? Well, my grandson, of course!

This is the third year for our grandson to play football for his team, and the first year at Varsity, and is only a tenth grader. He can kick, throw, run, and quarterback well! But, what really makes us proud is his ability to be humble. Doesn't matter if he has been the center of attention, to him, the team has always done their part to win the game. He doesn't like to be singled out, which is such a good quality in a young man. It's always a 'team thing'.

If you are in the stands, and see a woman, on one of the top two rows, screaming at the top of her lungs, know that she has a grandson on the field! Doesn't matter what he is doing, she's cheering. And, if you realize that he isn't on the field, and she is still cheering, know that she still has the 'school spirit'. Being a Grandma doesn't mean I have to be quiet, dignified, or sitting down. I still have a voice, good legs, and spirit!

Written ©September 11, 2004 by Barbara Sanders, AL. All rights reserved.


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