Merry Christmas

Children, it's time to go shopping for those Christmas decorations to make our house a home for the Christmas holidays!

Decorated house

Do you want to learn how to make a tree into a gorgeous work of art? Well, just look below.

Have you thought about what you want for Christmas? Are you buying gifts for others in your family this year? Do you want to go on a shopping trip? We will shop among the malls, hunting just the right gift for that special someone, whether it is Mom or Dad, or your brother and sister.

Well, we have that chore done. Now tell me what you would like for Christmas. Maybe you would enjoy a jack-in-the-box! They are so delightful. I had one when I was a little girl. Or maybe your wish is for an electric train.

We didn't get too many toys back then. I would get a doll or something girlish, and my brothers would get a truck or maybe a new bike. And we would all get new clothes, and I would be happy with that. It meant that I would have something new when school began again in the New Year.

Now that we have all our shopping done, it's time to get all the presents wrapped. Let's use plenty of pretty wrapping paper and beautiful bows. It's always a joy for me each year to see such beautifully wrapped packages flowing all over the floor from under the Christmas tree. And my grandchildren love it! They get excited just in unwrapping gifts!