Poets Corner

I'm A Grandmother Now

When I was just a Mother,
And two children under toe,
Things were looking good,
No bad rows to hoe.

As the years went by,
And things began to change,
I was looking through the closet of life
For things to re-arrange.

The shelves seemed so neat and clean,
Nothing out of order,
Until I looked a little closer,
And I saw dust on the border.

I got out the cleaner,
The duster and the wipes,
Intending to get the dirt
With only a few swipes.

But the years had added
So much more,
A little here and there,
That it soon fell on the floor.

In other words, I've changed,
I'm no longer the person I was,
I've become a grandmother,
With a little more fuzz.

Yes, there are grand children,
With which to reckon -
The dirt, the dust, the floor,
They no longer beckon.

The years have made me wiser,
With lots of love to give,
I'll gladly exchange the cleaning,
For grandmother's life to live!!

Copyright ©May 12, 2002. Barbara Sanders. All rights reserved.


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