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Graphics and Background Sites
I have been privileged to use graphics and backgrounds from the following websites from time to time. While I am mostly using all my own graphics, with the exception of a few, I want to make available all these find websites for your use.

Kitty's Animations
animated.gif © Kitty Roach
For the neatest animations, visit PageWorks by Kitty Roach

Christmas Graphics By Lisa
Clipart by The Wizard of Draws
Welcome To The Coop
Grandma George's House
Graphix By Snogirl
Hobo's Country Graphics
Just Jane's Graphics
Lamb's Grafix
The MousePad
PageWorks Homeland
The Free Graphics Store

Thanks to IconBazaar for small icons.


Barbara's House of Backgrounds

Nessa's Heavenly Creations
Windy's Design Studio
Pegasus' Original Backgrounds
In His Image


"WebBuilding Information" is the page for all your webbuilding needs! There are the to-dos,not-to-dos, links to utilites, a link to my WebTV Information, and more background sites.

Web Design Originals


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