Christians eat grits, have fun, and enjoy themselves, too. If you don't believe it, just read on. You'll want to join us!

Grits and Grins was born out of a meeting of three southern girls and two yankee girls. GRITS stands for Girls Raised In The South. So, we had to have something for our two northern friends. Grins it was! We have two different GRINS: (1)Girl 'riting In North Springfield, and (2)Girl 'riting in North Spartanburg.

This is a fun page between friends who eat grits, and grin lots. In other words, WE have fun!


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The American Heritage Dictionary meaning for grits:

grits (gršts) pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb). 1. A ground, usually white meal of dried and hulled corn kernels that is boiled and served as a breakfast food or side dish. 2. Coarsely ground grain, especially corn.

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Through Adversity . . GRIT AND BEAR IT . . Give It To God!

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The American Heritage Dictionary meaning for grins:

grin (gršn) v. grinned, grinˇning, grins. --intr. 1. To draw back the lips and bare the teeth, as in mirth or good humor. --tr. 1. To express with a grin. --grin n. 1. The act of grinning. 2. The facial expression produced by grinning.

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Still wondering how these girls got together and stayed together? Thanks to our friend, Peggie, of Peggie's Place, we became acquainted, and brought together through email. Then, I found out I was one of the two Barbara's of the group, with the other one living in North Alabama, while I live in Central Alabama. Barbara's sister, Ruth (the wife of a minister) is from Tennessee, Vickie, of Paver's Nest, from Pennsylvania, and our dear Peggie, originally from Pennsylvania and now a transplanted Missourian! There you have the whole tale, southern belles and yankee belles come together to enjoy fun, emailing, and Christ, our 'mainstay'!



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