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Over the years, there have been much controversy over books our children read. Some schools have banned such books as Huckleberry Finn, and The Diary of Anne Frank, to name a few. Along comes HARRY POTTER, which has raised the eyebrows of many, the conscience of most, and the admiration of some, and the attention of the kids for sure. And, the schools are accepting these books as harmless, 'okay' books to read to the children. The teachers are having 'no' problem 'teaching' it to the children.

To some, these books look as gentle as a new born cat, as harmless as your puppy dog, and creative. They turn the kids a loose with them to read, feeling that the children will understand what's in the books, and no harm will come to them. "It's just good that they are reading", or "my kids wouldn't get tangled up in something like that", you often hear.

Then, there are others - parents and theologians, pastors - that feel to subject a child to witchcraft, the occult - trances, etc - in anyway, is failing our duty as parents who are to watch out for the children that the Lord has given us to train up in the way he/she should go. They feel that any subjection of this sort will taint their minds, possibly turning them in the wrong way.

We have a duty, as Christian parents, to nurture our children in a way that they will develop good habits in their lives, so they will grow up to be good citizens as adults. We should guard against subjecting them to things that could possibly harm them, or be against the Word of God. My opinion, which is mine alone, is that Harry Potter isn't as harmless as he seems, and could possibly draw a child into things he/she didn't understand - especially, if they aren't well grounded in the Word, and grown up enough to withstand pressure from siblings, that would turn them in the wrong direction. Each of us, as a parent, must make up our own minds as to how we handle the matter. Let each of us take on the full armor of God, seek His face, and listen for His answer.

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