'Speak To My Heart' was born out of a love for writing, the leading of the Lord, and a nudge or two from a great friend. I hope these stories will both inspire and encourage, make you laugh, and, perhaps, cry because you see yourself in those same stories.



Mothers In Their Prime

Pins and Needles

Is There A Maverick In The House?

Aging With Grace
Seconds Coming Up!
Another story of Miss Dena!

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

The Wheels Have It

Coming Up Roses

Running Interference

Housed With Kids!

The Day America Cried

Those Were The Days

If Bread Was Made With Chocolate

A Woman Named Clara

From Mother To Grandmother

Grandma With Spirit!

Grandmother With Teenagers!

I Thought I Saw A Ghost!

Transition Period



Simply Abigail
Stories about an ordinary woman

Imagined by Misty
Pages to fill your heart with joy and peace

Who In The World Is Peggie?
A Little Girl And Her Lunch
Chocolate De-Light!

Peggie from Peggie's Place

How The Lord Found Me
Georgia Sawhook - The Pastor's Wife

The Thorn - Gayle Moody

Mary Wingfield Bell's Childrens Stories

Christian Stories by Deb Matthews

Christian Stories by Johnny Lee Hall



What makes having parents worthwhile? Grandparents

The Parent's Journal
A Directory of the discipline series

ClubMom - Rewarding and Celebrating Moms
Family Play Ages and Stages: Raising Kids to Feel loveable, capable and worthwhile

Postpartum Education for Parents: Raising Spirited Children

Grand Parents Again
Grandparents as Parents
Early Childhood Information Clearinghouse
Grandparents Supporting Parents
Foundation for Grandparenting
GRAND-Parents Universal

Homeschool Support Network- Grandchildren Take Lessons from Grandparents

I poured my heart into this page

anchor is Jesus

The Anchor Holds

Anchor Your Life

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