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"In Memory of Duane Milano"

In the early morning hours,
I heard the distant call….
I felt so all alone…
And oh so small.

My body racked with pain,
The enemy clutching at my life line.
HE said, "Come to me.
All is fine".

Was that my final call?
I wondered, beneath the load of pain.
Is this where it says
'Earth's loss Is Heaven's gain?'

I struggled to listen
To that sweet voice
As HE called my name….
I knew life would never be the same.

So, now I've heard, and I've gone
Where no mortal ever veers.
A sweet call and gentle hand
Lead me through, as I heard the cheers.

Welcomed at Heaven's gate,
By all those gone before,
I watch and wait with anticipation,
My body racked with pain no more.

So I will be waiting
For you, as Jesus calls,
Remember me with love,
As I walk these great halls!

Copyrighted ©March 3, 2002 by Barbara Sanders. All rights reserved.



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