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"The Maker of the Path"

I often walked among the trees
on many a path there to be found,
which like the fallen autumn leaves
lay endlessly upon the ground.

In time a path stretched out its' hand,
and gently led me in its' way,
for where it was the maker went,
I searched the greater of a day.

And while I trod that forest floor,
wandering onward through the green,
the path, which I could not ignore,
brought me to this tragic scene.

For in the distance stood a tree
with branches bare and boughs all bent.
T'was shrouded then in mystery
of days gone by and life's intent.

"Come closer", called a Spirit there,
"for I have chosen you this day,
to read the message written where
this tree's life-force was bled away."

Cut in the side of this Dear Tree,
a scarred but cherished heart revealed,
two names as one, 'In Victory',
my endless search for love fulfilled.

And like a leaf the wind doth shake,
as if to wake me from a dream,
my very soul within did quake,
the Truth I found did reign Supreme.

"The Tree's not dead!", The message read,
"to those not lost in nature's way."
"This narrow path your faith has tread,
will guide your feet till that Great Day."

And as I prayed my eyes were healed,
far greater now my sight, I find,
within the heart two names were sealed,
The Maker of the Path's , ....... and mine.

1997 "The Maker of the Path" ,
by Dan Joel Love


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