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American FlagMemorial Day is a very patrotic day in the United States. It's the day we honor all Americans who have given their life for their country. It originally was started to honor the military personnel who lost their lives in the Civil War of 1861-1865, but was later changed to honor all who gave their life in any war for the country.

Memorial Day is a legal holiday in most states. Most states observe the holiday on the last Monday in May. This date was made a federal holiday by law in 1971.

The Southern states have different days to honor their dead from the Confederate War, calling it the Confederate Memorial Day. Alabama celebrates on the fourth Monday in April. Georgia observes the holiday on April 26. Mississippi celebrates the last Monday in April. North Carolina and South Carolina celebrate it on May 10. Virginia observes the holiday on the last Monday in May. Louisiana observes it on June 3. Also, on that date, Tennessee observes Confederate Decoration Day. Texas celebrates Confederate Heroes Day on January 19.

Remember Me
A Memorial Day Devotional from Peggie's Place

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Mexican-American War

The Mexican-American War was fought 1846-1848, between Mexico and the United States, over disagreements that had been accumulating for two decades.

United States Civil War

The Civil War (1861-1865) took more American lives than any other war in history. It so divided the people of the United States that in some families brother fought against brother. The Civil War was between the Southern States, trying to preserve slavery and an agricultural way of life, and the Northern States, dedicated to a more modern way of life and to ending slavery. The terrible bloodshed left a heritage of grief and bitterness that declined only slowly and, even today, has not fully disappeared.

Spanish-American War
Spanish-American War Veterans

Spanish-American War marked the emergence of the United States as a world power. This brief conflict between the United States and Spain took place between April and August 1898, over the issue of the liberation of Cuba. In the course of the war, the U.S. won Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippine Islands.

The Regular Army had only 28,000 men when war broke out with Spain. The National Guard numbered about 100,000. Congress authorized a twofold increase in the size of the Army, and an initial enlistment of 125,000 volunteers. As the war progressed, inadequacies in Army organization and preparedness became apparent. The problems of supply, health, and sanitation in the tropics were as dangerous as the Spanish troops in Cuba and the Philippines. More soldiers died from disease than were killed in battle.

World War I
World War I - Trenches on the Web

World War I (1914-1918) involved more countries and caused greater destruction than any other war except World War II (1939-1945). An assassin's bullets set off the war, and a system of military alliances (agreements) plunged the main European powers into the fight. Each side expected quick victory. But the war lasted four years and took the lives of nearly 10 million troops.

More than twenty countries eventually joined the war on the Allied side. However, not all of them sent troops.

World War II
World War II US Veterans Website

World War II (1939-1945) killed more people, destroyed more property, disrupted more lives, and probably had more far-reaching consequences than any other war in history. It brought about the downfall of Western Europe as the center of world power and led to the rise of the Soviet Union. The development of the atomic bomb during the war opened the nuclear age.

World War II took more lives and caused more destruction than any other war. Altogether, about 70 million people served in the armed forces of the Allied and Axis nations. About 17 million of them lost their lives.

The Soviet Union and China suffered the highest toll of civilian deaths during World War II. About 19 million Soviet civilians and as many as 10 million Chinese civilians died. Many of the deaths resulted from famine.

The Korean War, a fresh perspective
Korean War - Veterans,POW's, & MIA's

The Korean War began on June 25, 1950, when troops from Communist-ruled North Korea invaded South Korea. The UN called the invasion a violation of international peace and demanded that the Communists withdraw from South Korea.

Korean War was the first war in which a worldorganization, the United Nations (UN), played a military role. The Korean War was a major challenge for the United Nations, which had come into existence only five years earlier.

Vietnam War
Vietnam Veterans' Home Page

Vietnam War was the longest war in which the United States took part. It began in 1957 and ended in 1975. Vietnam, a small country in Southeast Asia, was divided into Communist-ruled North Vietnam and non-Communist South Vietnam. North Vietnam and Communist-trained South Vietnamese rebels fought to take over South Vietnam. The United States and the South Vietnamese army tried to stop them but failed.

Persian Gulf War
Gulf War Veterans Resource Page

Persian Gulf War, sometimes called Operation Desert Storm, was fought in early 1991 between Iraq and a coalition of 39 countries organized mainly by the United States and the United Nations (UN). The war took place chiefly in Iraq and the tiny oil-rich nation of Kuwait. These two countries lie together at the northern end of the Persian Gulf. Leading members of the coalition against Iraq included Egypt, France, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and the United States.

As many as 100,000 Iraqi troops may have died as a result of the war, but some experts believe the total is much lower. Deaths of coalition troops totaled only about 370. Thousands of civilians in Iraq and Kuwait probably were also killed during the war. Many other Iraqi civilians later died as a result of wartime destruction or because of revolts triggered by Iraq's defeat.

*Excerpts taken from World Book Millennium 2000

Iraq - a war on Terrorism

The Iraqi war has been a controversial one, to say the least. Nevertheless, our men and women are there fighting a war against insurgents that are determined to keep Iraq from becoming the country it should. The terrorists will continue to bomb our soldiers, as well as the Iraqi people themselves. Below you will find many links that should give you more information, pros and cons, on the war that some say should never have happened while others say we should stay until we win - not run like scared ducks.

2003 Invasion of Iraq - Wikipedia
War News Radio
Mudville Gazette
Iraq Today
Sgt. Stryker
Blogs of War
The Command Post

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Civil War Reenactors Mailing List and Newsletter
Vietnam Veterans Newsletter


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Memorial Day
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Memorial Day

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Arlington National Cemetery

Unknown Soldier of the War of 1812

Widows of War Living Memorial
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Memorial Day Greeting Cards from

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