From Mother to Grandmother
by Barbara Sanders

Today is my son's birthday. He was my first child, and what an excitement there was when he came along! We were overjoyed at every little change, from crawling to walking, from the goo-goos to the long sentences, and finally to that independent stage! Don't think that has ever let up! Then, a few years later, along came the daughter we always wanted. She was such an easy child, and we never knew she was on the place, that is ,until she and her brother crossed paths.

I can't say I struggled through motherhood. I loved it from the very first moment. My heart fell in love with those babies long before they were in our arms! God has a way of putting that motherly love there when you first conceive! Although we went through all the ups and downs you go through raising a child, there was never a moment I desperately wished I'd never been a Mom. I think each child is a God-given gift, and He expects us to love and nourish the child as He nourishes His 'children'.

I watched my children grow from babies, to teens, to adults, and then get married. Each step in the process taught us more about our own ability to function as a parent. Since I was the Mother, I was with the children much more than Dad. I saw all those hurts, frustrations, pains, and listened to all those complaints, fears, and rejections. But, looking back, I would have it no other way! My Mother always said she'd heard that 'children step on your feet as a child, an on your heart as an adult'. But, I would never give up my children to avoid ANY of the 'steps'. I believe God knows the heart of a Mother, and gives her what she needs to be able to raise the children without going bonkers!

And, now it's time for grandmother-hood! I am not new to that task, either. I've been a grandmother for over thirteen years. Through all those years, and five grandchildren later, it has been a joy! I see my kids in those kids - doing the same things, saying the same things that my children did and said long ago. My children struggle with all this just as we did back then. I tell them, "I see you in him/her". "Don't give up, don't let up, because you are Mom, and raising my grandchildren".

Grandmother-hood is a great place to be at this time in life. You are able to love the kids and give to them perhaps things you couldn't give your own children. You can listen to their complaints, help Mom avoid the pitfalls we had with ours, and when it's all said and done, you can send them home! My husband says, if he had known what fun our grandchildren were going to be, he would have married a grandmother! Now, he has one!

Written ©May 9, 2002 by Barbara Sanders, AL. All rights reserved.


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