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O sing unto the LORD a new song: sing unto the LORD, all the earth. Sing unto the LORD, bless his name; shew forth his salvation from day to day. Declare his glory among the heathen, his wonders among all people. For the LORD [is] great, and greatly to be praised: he [is] to be feared above all gods. Psalm 96:1-4


Music has always been a part of my life, even when I was a young girl. I loved to sing in the church choir. I wasn't destined to be a well-known singer or piano player, but that didn't stop me from wanting to sing or play. I began music lessons when I was about 9, taking from the late Dessie Abernathy, once the pianist at our church. I took lessons from her, learning the basics, and playing gospel music. So you might say I "cut my teeth" on gospel hymns.

Later, I took lessons from Amos Mashburn, a great pianist/organist that played for a quartet. I traveled to Birmingham by bus by myself lots of Saturday mornings to do this. The times weren't bad then and we could travel with ease, not worrying about someone snatching us. He taught at Forbes Piano Company in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. When I was about 12 1/2, he told my Mother that he could no longer teach me if I couldn't "talk" to him. You see, I was a very shy child, but desperately wanted to keep on taking from him, which wasn't to be. I didn't take piano again until in the early 1980's for about 3 years, brushing up on everything I had once learned. I'm still not a great pianist, but I play well enough for me.

Singing and playing the piano are both outlets that work for me anytime I feel the pressures of life. Just let me retire to my Living Room and play and sing to my heart's content and the peace of God comes over me. Lifting up my voice before the Lord in song is a "Joyful Noise" to me. I hope that you too love music and will enjoy the selections I have chosen to include here in my Music Room. I have many more selections,but my room will hold only so many.

Gilberto Barreto has a wonderful web page called Songs of Praise by Gilberto Barreto. He writes songs with God's word "with the objective that people will know more of the peace, love, salvation, and grace of Christ." You are free to visit his site to download his songs, along with the music scores, if available. Please enjoy the ones I have put here on my music page. Visit his site often. You will be blessed!

Songs of Praise

Christmusic:MIDI hymns and worship songs is a great place to get original music by Bill McGinnis' Ministry. Below are several of his selections including one he wishes to get out to the world through the media, newsgroups, etc. The words to "Oh God This Precious Earth Thou Gave" are available at his site, in a zipped file that is easily downloaded to your computer. Visit his site and see what all he has to offer in worship songs for your church or you personally.


New Jerusalem Music

notesVisit my newest discovery, , New Jerusalem Music with Lenny Smith. His song, Our God Reigns, is playing in midi form on my main web pages. Other midi's of Lenny's may be found at Gilberto Barreto's web site.


butterflySouthern Gospel Beat


Old Time Gospel Music Midis

Kingdom Worship - Original Christian Praise & Worship Musicnew
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Gaither Music

Stephen Atkins
Sandi Patti
Ray Boltz
Twila Paris
Phil Driscoll Audio Domain


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Christian Music Centralmusic

Christian Music Central


Singing News Magazine



The Journeymen Quartet
The Oak Grove Quartet



Sound of Life, Inc.

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new"Splendor And Majesty"
Used by permission from Lenny Smith at New Jerusalem Music

To get this midi file and the words to this song, visit Song of Praise

Lenny's personal sheet music can be found at New Jersualem Music

Songs of Praise

Larry's Songs of Praise and Worship

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