John E. Ruffle

Thanks to unprecedented Internet advances, long distance phone charges as we know them are on the way out. People around the world are adopting a "global village" mentality, and as they do, the massive profits generated by charging phone calls according to connection distance is becoming increasingly indefensible. The technicalities are beyond me, but this one thing I know: the days of the long distance phone bill are numbered.

This ongoing communications revolution means an important thing for Christians: it has never been easier for us to obey the Bible admonition to "encourage one another daily." Personal messages, prayer alerts, and editorials such as this are but three ways that I personally gain great encouragement from my friends on the 'Net.

Last month brought a special joy - and on-going meaning - as I was brought back into contact with a number of significant friends whom I'd lost contact with for as long as twenty years. (Hi there folks! - yes it makes me feel ancient, too!) Despite the inevitable trials, challenges and changes we all have faced, the one discovery - proved through the fires of experience - is that Jesus is Lord of the believer who is prepared to commit to the long haul.

Although straddling the continents, through e-mail, this precious group need never be out of touch again. And we may well need every shred of encouragement and prayer for the perilous times that lie ahead of the nations. So, bringing patient endurance into play, let's get serious about running the race to win... together, united in the bond of peace. After all, long distance phone charges may be on the way out, but long distance Christianity is certainly here to stay - it's as long as a lifetime and beyond!


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