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Copyright Marilyn Phemister


Reaching Out

I yearn to accomplish more,
to be more than I am.
But I struggle and strain,
only maintaining
ground I've gained.

I need a better plan.
Lord, let me try Yours!
Lead me on--beyond my dreams
to greater goals than mine.
Lift me higher--
higher than I can climb.

Copyright ©Marilyn Black Phemister


A Private Rendezvous

We meet in the shade of an oak
on a grassy hill, somewhere
in the foothills of prayer.

I do not see Him, but I feel
His presence, like warming
rays of sunlight.

We rest in the softness of the grass,
and gaze at the sky. The blueness
stretches out forever.

I feel the spinning of the earth,
the suspension of time...
and gravity dissolves.

Weightless, I float on a moment
of eternity--and I know
He has touched me.

Copyright©Marilyn Black Phemister


A Way to Gethsemane

Is that You I see in that garden
kneeling alone?
You look so sad--
weighted down by a terrible grief.

I want to help.
I want to come and kneel with You
to weep with You
to share Your pain.

But it's to far--
almost 2,000 years from me.
What can I do?

My child,
you have a neighbor
suffering a deep heartache.
She is alone and has no friends.
Go and sit with her.
Weep with her.
Share her pain--
and you will find yourself
in that garden with Me.

Copyright ©Marilyn Black Phemister


From The Voice of a Windmill
Copyright ©1988-2000 by Marilyn Black Phemister

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