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A Horse Story

During the early 1950s, Clyde pastored the First Baptist Church of Senatobia, Mississippi . We had a small farm..actually just a small acreage of open farmland a few miles from town with a rough bare bunkhouse type building. It was a place we could go to get away for a few pleasant unhurried hours. The children were small and loved running in the fields with their dog and watching the big bullfrogs leaping in the little pond.

About the same time, my husband bought a magnificent horse..He stood sixteen and a half hands tall and was a beautiful rich, dark red color.He was gorgeous. Of course he became BIG RED and he and another saddle horse were pastured on the farm. Big Red had one peculiarity.. he was a one-man horse. Clyde could ride him without a problem, but he pitched everyone else who tried to ride him right over his nose.

At this time Clyde was quite active in state Baptist work and we often had leading men in the convention as guests. After they took care of church business they always wanted to got to the farm for a couple of hours and do some horseback riding. And they all wanted to ride Big Red. I guess all men are cowboys at heart no matter whether they live on a huge ranch or sit behind a desk all day or work in a factory or run a store or any other occupation. The sight of a powerful horse just brings out the little boy inside who never grew out of his dream.

It was a comical sight to watch.. These normally dignified men , in control of every situation,would walk around Big Red, pat him a couple of times,and swing into the saddle. They would sit there for a few seconds like The Lone Ranger or John Wayne ready to ride after the bad guys. Suddenly without warning, Big Red, who had stood so quietly, would simply put his head down and the rider on his back went sliding over his head to the ground in an undignified heap., while everyone standing around went into gales of laughter. One of those "pitched" men, Chester Quarles, then Executive Secretary of Mississippi Baptists, in chagrin said, "He sure is big when you're lying on your back looking up at him."

Big Red had one master. He belonged to Clyde Martin. He obeyed every command of that master. He loved his master and loved their times together. He would not obey anyone else nor allow anyone else to control him.

What a perfect picture of the relationship every Christian should have with Jesus. The Lord Jesus bought us with His own precious blood and became our beloved Master who won our love and devotion and willing servitude. It becomes our great joy to spend time with Him and it gives us pleasure to serve Him in anyway It is our delight to obey His every wish and command. if anyone else should try to steal our devotion or put us under another's control, our spirit rebels and we refuse to become the servant of another false master. Satan never ceases his attempts to woo us away from Jesus and our love for Him. He tries tricks of flattery and luxury and fame but he is a cruel master to all who choose to follow him .

Nothing is more beautiful among the animals of the world than a swift, strong, healthy, powerful horse... broad back, sweeping mane and tail, bright clear eyes. Without going into a deep theological discourse, whenever horses are mentioned in Scripture it leaves the impression of power and strength. An untamed animal is still wild and out of control. He is of no use to the owner until he is broken and taught to yield to the control of the rider on his back. We find a desired characteristic of a Christian is meekness, not to be confused with weakness. Again look at the broken horse, standing quietly, ready to work wherever he is needed under the kind but strong hand of his rider. He is still the same strong, powerful horse...his muscles twitch with the harnessed desire to run swift as the wind, his impatient feet stir dust in little clouds, but that power is now under control and is of tremendous use to the owner. So with us... We stop fighting His gentle persuasion and finally realize it is for our own good to belong to such a kind and wise Master. We find we are safer under His guidance than we would be on our own. This Master wisely does not destroy the individual we are..instead He works to bring out the best in us and rids us of the undesirable traits .

Once we have known the sweet fellowship with Jesus and the joy of His Presence and the wonder of His awesome power, we will not be drawn astray by lies and deception into the harsh control of Satan.

The Bible says."No man can serve two masters." Who is your Master? Jesus or the devil? I pray you choose Jesus.

Copyrights ©RuthRMartin March 14, 2009


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