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Little Angel - Broken Wing

I purchased several small angel figurines but when I opened the package, I found one of the little angels had a broken wing. There was no other damage and it was such an appealing little thing, I just couldn't bring myself to throw it away. So I carefully glued it back together and set it aside. When it had dried, the break was mended so smoothly it was not noticeable at all. Pleased with the results, I decided to keep it for my own pleasure and display at home.

As I looked at the little mended figure in my hands, I thought how like the Lord Who gently takes our damaged, wounded and broken lives and in tender love and mercy He heals and restores us .Sometimes the healed scars are completely hidden from curious, insensitive eyes. But sometimes, He allows the healed scars to remain in view to remind us and others of the amazing great healing power of His immeasurable love to reach the most broken and worthless life and to create a beautiful redeemed soul fit for the eternal courts of Heaven .

How glad I am that the Master didn't "trash" me, but lovingly mended me and made me a beloved object of His heart.

Little Angel With Broken Wing

It was just a little statue,
Not costly, new nor rare.
Just a little figurine
That I saw lying there.

It was a little angel--
A small but pretty thing.
One hand was raised to Heaven;
But--it had a broken wing.

Nothing else was damaged.
It's smile was just so sweet;
'Twas sitting on a crescent moon,
A cloud beneath it's feet.

I couldn't just discard it,
So with steady, careful hands
I glued it back together
And placed it on a stand.

Little angel with broken wing,
I share this thought with thee:
That He for Whom the angels sing
In love has mended me.

He held my wounded, broken life
So gently in His hands.
He kissed away the hurt and pain
And made me whole again.

He set me in a special place
That's in His loving heart.
Each day He tells me of His love
And that we'll never part.

So I will keep you always
For the message that you bring:
We've both been touched by healing hands,
Little angel with broken wing.

copyright2001 Ruth Martin-Rights Reserved


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