The Preacher's Wife


Our stumbling feet belong to Earth;
They're only made of clay;
But they're imperfect, so unfit,
To tred Heav'n's shining way.

Sometimes our weakened spirits fail,
And trembling, break and fall:
Our strength all gone, our hopes all dashed
Like dry leaves 'gainst a wall.

Our loving Father looks upon
Our flesh so frail and weak,
And even through our deepest pain
His voice doth gently speak.

"My child, I know thy suff'ring,
Thy disappointments, too.
I understand thine aching heart
As no one else can do.

But do not be discouraged;
Thy strength I will renew,
And thou shall rise on eagle wings.
New joys will come to you.

Hold fast, Dear One, be patient.
Life's plan is not yet done.
With victor's crown upon thy brow
I'll whisper, "Child, well done."

You'll have no need of wounded feet,
Once scarred from mortal plight;
But thou shall walk and run and climb
On joyous limbs of light."

all rights. ruthrmartin.1971

Comments from Ruth on Compensation

The poem Compensation was writtten for Rosalee who suffered from a severe diabetic condition for several painful years. As the disease advanced, extreme surgery was required on her feet. She and my mother talked by telephone nearly every day and when I was home for a visit I would sometimes take part in their conversation. Although I am sure she had days of despondency, I never heard a word of complaint from her lips. She always sounded cheerful and bright. She no longer has to cope with wounded limbs; now she walks on Heaven's golden street with feet that are whole and without pain, skipping with joy in Heaven.

So many people suffer terrible physical pain from disease or accident or some other reason, and I say to them," This is not the end. God has something better for you at just the right time on His schedule. He has a purpose for allowing this affliction but He still loves and cares for you. Don't despair, don't give up hope, don't give in to defeat. So many times I have heard my husband say,"God has never taken anything from me but that He gave me something better instead." Look what our Lord says in Isaiah 40:29-31. "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall rise up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary and they shall walk and not faint."


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