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Summer in Macon, Georgia can be awfully hot. Every summer, someone will attempt..and usually demonstrate that "it's so hot you can fry an egg on the pavement." And if news is slow or uninspiring, there just might be a picture of that uneatable delicacy somewhere in the local paper . Everybody sighs, chuckles, shakes their heads in common commiseration and turns the page. Like the residents of this lovely, delightful southern city, folks in other deep South communities just accept the excessive heat as " the bitter with the sweet" and tend to ignore it as much as possible.

One summer morning, my preacher husband called from his office at church. He said, "When you come to church today, if you drive down Such-and-Such street, DON'T RUN OVER THE DAISY." Now, I ask you...what would you do? Of course, you would. So did I. I drove down Such-and-Such street looking for, of all things, a daisy. Now, Macon has the climate that encourages beautiful floral displays. I drove slowly, looking on both sides of the street for a daisy but without success. Gorgeous roses and breathtaking camellias and all sorts of beautiful flowers blessed my vision but no daisies.

Then I saw it. Not in a garden, nor in a flower pot or basket. No indeed. This lone little daisy was growing out of a crack in the pavement smack in the middle of the road. Not another sprig of greenery nor blossom was in sight , but here this determined little daisy had staked out it's precarious claim , bravely if not wisely. It's very existence was at the highest risk of the next car passing down the street, or a carefree kid on a bike. I carefully brought my car to a stop and stared in delighted amazement. I just had to laugh out loud to myself and comment to whoever might be within hearing distance." I don't believe it, I just don't believe it." It was such an unexpected happy surprise. My day was suddenly just a lot brighter, I felt more cheerful, more expectant of other good things all because a pretty little white daisy was blooming in the middle of the street. How had it survived on this normal city street with normal traffic and neighborhood activity.?? After a few pleasant minutes, I saw in my rear view mirror another car moving up behind me. Oh no! I have to move and that car will run over the sweet little daisy. But move I must, so I very slowly and carefully pulled way over into the other lane and pulled slowly away and around , leaving the little daisy still safe, lifting it's bright face trustingly upward. As I drove away I glanced back and guess what?? The other car had stopped in almost the exact spot I had been and the driver was leaning forward wearing a somewhat dazed expression, staring at the little daisy . Now I knew how the daisy had survived. Other drivers had done just what I did, and what my husband had done earlier. Everybody stopped long enough to be blessed , if you will, and to take personal care not to be the one who would destroy that little spot of beauty. When Clyde came home that evening I asked, "Was the little daisy still there?" "Yes," he replied, " it's still there."

Of course, in the heat and without nourishment, the little daisy could not survive for long, but a tiny miracle took place in Macon for a couple of days. Nobody ran over the little daisy, cheerfully waving it's bright white flag to passers-by. I know I called a few friends and told them to go see the little daisy, but" don't run over it." It had been such a small, brief, but uplifting experience to me, I wanted to share it with someone else. I have an idea other people did the same thing. Wouldn't you??

Sometimes we find ourselves in the role of a Daisy and sometimes we need the ministry of a Daisy. Sometimes we feel like cheering the world along and sometimes we feel like the Daisy in the pavement threatened by oncoming traffic. Which kind of Daisy are you today?

At times we have all felt overwhelmed and overcome and threatened by burdens and cares and situations of Life. Everything seems to be a disappointment or failure, full of pain, sadness , futility. Skies are all gray, dumping torrents of dismal rain; the sun refuses to shine. There is no joy, no happiness, no laughter, no song. No purpose. We seem bogged down with the "Dreary Dailies": Demands upon our time, our presence, our energy and our attention drain us, until one day we look for "Me" and nobody is there, We have lost our sense of self, of personhood, that individual thing or element that is "ME". It's the bird inside us that sings through the darkest nights and when the bird stops singing, we have lost our song. We become depressed and despondent ; we feel unloved, useless and worthless. We feel empty. How many times have I heard someone use that very expression.."I feel so EMPTY."

THIS is the time we need to drive down Such- and- Such street and look for the daisy God has planted smack in the middle of our road. We are in danger of being run over with a lie from Satan's private file of lies. He would destroy our sense of value and worth until we just sit in a dried up corner of nowhere, fold our hands, and wither away.

He knows the the truth but he doesn't want us to know or remember that truth and embrace it wholeheartedly to ourself. The truth is that God loves you, He loves me. He knows all about us..all our frailties, our shortcomings, our blunders and mistakes . AND HE LOVE US ANYWAY. He knows our secret longings and dreams, our lofty and noble ideals and goals and He loves us as He sees us striving for something higher than ourselves. He knows we are really yearning and reaching for Himself. He knows when we feel insignificant and invisible. And He loves us. Not only does He love us but He sees us of infinite value and worth. In the eyes of the Lord no one is useless or worthless . Have you forgotten Calvary? That's how important you are to Him!! He has a plan and purpose for each of us. It might not be the plan we have in mind for ourself, but His is BETTER.

Well, did you find the bright gift of love and acceptance and assurance that is God's daisy to you today? If so, then you are equipped to be a daisy for somebody else who needs a cheering up . Most of us are daisies in God's garden.. A few roses are there, sure, but most of us are ordinary everyday daisies. so...

BE A DAISY.. determine to lift your head to the morning , your face to the sunshine and to do your best to brighten someone's day and make someone's world a bit sweeter by just "being there. Haven't you heard it said, "Grow where you're planted"? Well, the Gardener of Creation has planted you right where He wants you in the middle of Somebody's Such-and-Such road. You never know who might be out looking for a daisy today.

You might be one of God's unexpected joys in an unexpected place at an unexpected time.

Copyright. ruthrmartin.2005


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