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For Me

The observance of the Lord's Supper has always been a deeply moving, meaningful experience for me, but upon this particular occasion, I felt as though my heart would burst as the reality of the familiar words, "In Remembrance of Me", struck my soul. In my inner vision, Calvary has never been so vivid. It was as though I could actually see the Lord hanging there on the cross before me. I felt His agony, I saw the wretchedness, heard the vicious voices raised in mockery and cruel laughter, heard and felt the horrible vibrations and sickening thud of the driven nails, saw His quivering flesh...mangled, torn, bleeding. I wept for the shame and pain He endured and for His heartbreak and I felt--oh, how I felt--His Love pouring out from HIs bleeding, dying form . And above all, I knew it was for me, for my sins, that He hung there that day.

For Me

Tonight I took Thy supper,Lord,
My thoughts did dwell on Thee;
And in that holy atmosphere
I remembered--Calvary.
My heart did weep as I did taste
The wine and broken bread.
Broken bread,
Broken Flesh,
Broken Heart...for Me.

I saw again the angry mob.
I felt Thine agony:
I saw Thy bleeding, smitten form
And knew it was for me.
For me, the Cross Calvary!
For me, the cruel shame !
For me, the matchless Sacrifice !
For me,
For me
The blame.

The suff'ring and the shame, O Lord,
The Sorrow--it was Thine;
But not the guilt that nailed Thee there
For every sin was mine.
Mine, the guilt that crucified--
Thine, the Grace that frees!
Thine, the shout of Victory
For me,
For me,
For me.

(Ruth R. Martin 2003 all rights


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