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God is in control;
I shall not fear the outcome.
He holds the worlds in Mighty Hands
And gently leads me home.

God is in control.
Though nations crumble 'round me-
Though wars may come and hatred rage
His arms of love surround me.

God is in control;
The future holds securely.
My steps are marked, my days are known,
And He will keep me surely.

all rights. ruthrmartin.1965

Comments from Ruth on God Is In Control

Strange how things work out. Things that happen today sometimes seemingly have no real significance or purpose until sometimes much the case of this poem, years later event occurs that suddenly places them both in proper perspective. Yesterday's "question mark" becomes Today's answer.

I wrote this lttle poem back in 1965 and long ago forgot what triggered it's birth. Today I look back over the years and have seen Him time after time reveal His purpose in the events of life. One unforgettable such time was the attack on the Twin Towers in NYC on Sept. 11, 2001. Suddenly, in the midst of the ensuing confusion and fear and uncertainty, the little poem from yesterday became very relevant and comforting. Nothing takes our God by surprise. He is still in control. He was where He needed to be on that fateful day. He is always where He needs to be .

In solemn and somber remembrance America has just observed the first anniversary of that infamous day . As we watched again the vivid television coverage of that horror, our emotions were ripped and torn-- laid raw afresh. We felt all the mixed emotions again...Grief over all the lives that were lost, empathy and sympathy for their loved ones in their anguish, great honor, gratitude and respect for all who knowingly made the supreme sacrifice in order to save others. We felt anger..anger that the event happened, anger at the perpetrators of such evil, anger that Satan had such control of human minds that mankind could inflict such terrible things upon mankind.

But through and over it all is the profound sense and knowledge that those who know Jesus as personal Savior and Lord belong to our Heavenly Father and that He holds us in His mighty hands. Nothing can separate us from His eternal love. He has granted to His children, even in the midst of turmoil, fear and destrucion, the gift of His Presence and Peace.

Just hours after the attack, I wrote these words: PROMISE


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