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Alo-o-o-oha, Scent of Hawaii

I just MUST share a little bit of Hawaii with you this morning. When Mark came home from his mission trip to Honolulu Tuesday, he brought back a hint of Paradise..He got out of the car wearing a beautiful lei about his neck.

He came to me took the lei from his own neck and placed that lovely creamy plumeria lei about my shoulders with the traditional kiss and "Aloha, Momma". I tell you it took my breath away. It was still fresh as the moment it was made, moisture still on the petals. If you have been to Hawaii, you know what sensations filled me. For a little while it was like being transported on a magical tradewind. I closed my eyes and the fragrance of those lovely, lovely plumeria blossoms again became the scent of Hawaii, and I could almost feel the soft caress of the breeze, and almost hear the sounds of Hawaii again, the swoosh of the surf breaking on the shore and whispering thru, the unforgettable music of liquid melodious singing Hawaiian voices. And I could almost see a slender Hawaiian wahine with her long hair blowing in the wind, and her bright muumuu gently moving about her swaying form. Somehow I found myself close to tears..homesick tears for beautiful Hawaii even after thirty plus years.

I wore my lei that afternoon, and when Debbie came in I shared it with her with the same kiss and Aloha. We all just sat and breathed in that fragrance that is like no other. And the four of us reminisced for a while about dear people and special places from a time long ago.

This morning I made a table-scape of a rough basket, seashells , dove figurines and intended to display my lei across it all so we could continue to enjoy it's fragrance and beauty before it fades and wilts. But as I lifted it from it's clear box and laid it across the shells, that fragrance rose in my nostrils again and I picked it up held it to my face , closed my eyes and stood breathing in that unforgettable fragrance of Hawaiian plumeria. I draped it around my shoulders, and sat down to the keyboard to try to find words for the emotions evoked by the scent and sight and touch of a lovely lei from one of the loveliest spots on earth. How the heart of God must have delighted in the beautiful gem He created..

"He hath made every thing beautful in His time..Eccl. :"

all rights.ruthmartin.2/5/04


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