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Happy New Year

Thoughts On The New Year

As I write this, we stand on the edge of the old and the brink of a new year. We know what the past has held: some things good, some things far from good. If our faith is in the Lord, we know and give thanks and praise to Him for bringing us through another year knowing that only through His love and mercy and grace are we here today. We leave our Yesterdays in the safekeeping of His faithfulness and reach forth in trust and faith into the unseen Tomorrow. We know that He is already there from Eternity to Everlasting and He sees and knows it all and has a plan and purpose that will not and cannot fail. That plan incudes you and it includes me. We are precious in His sight and we, our future and our loved ones are held safely in His nail-scarred hands . We cannot fall from the security of His Love. I am His and He is mine. None of us can see what our future holds but let us commit ourselves anew into HIs keeping without fear, but in trust and serenity and FAITH. We will not go into this new year alone. Our Lord Jesus will walk through our valleys and climb our mountains and ford our streams and rivers and oceans...WITH us. He will guide and strengthen and sustain us all the way.

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