The Preacher's Wife

Only For Sinners

"Only for sinners", the Savior came.
"Only for sinners",oh praise His Name.
For God in great mercy
my future could see;
Knew"Only For Sinners" included me.

That none be forgotten,
Omitted, unknown;
Confused with another
Or left alone ;
God graciously offers
Salvation so free ,
And "Only For Sinners"included me.

"Only For Sinners'-for such as I.
"Only For Sinners" condemned to die.
For souls lost and wand'ring
A Shepherd He'll be
And "Only For Sinners"
Includes you and me.

"Only For Sinners."
There's no mistake.
"Only For Sinners". Oh Soul , awake!
"Tho sin has o'erwhelmed you
Your heart He'll make new,
For "Only For Sinners" included you.

That none be forgotten
Omitted, unknown;
Confused with another
Or left alone,
God graciously offers
Salvation so free,
And "Only For Sinners' included me!.

all rights. ruthrmartin.1976

Comments from Ruth on Only For Sinners

When Jesus came down to earth and walked among men, He didn't go to the high religious or moral elite. Instead He chose to go to the outcasts, the poor, the humble, the forsaken, the rejected, the lonely..the sinners. He sought them out and offered love and compassion and forgiveness and acceptance and healing , Ah, how the Pharisees attacked and criticized Him they murmured and muttered and whispered and accused behind their sanctimonious hands. "He eateth and drinketh with publicans and sinners." And how did Jesus answer ? He said, "They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick. I came not to call the righteous,(the self- righteous, the hypocrites) but SINNERS(we know who we are) to repentance." (Luke 2:17)

Oh, Thank You, dear Jesus! Thank You! For when you said "SINNER" You included me and when You said "Whosoever will"(Rev.22:17) You were inviting me .I accepted Your gracious invitation and You received me into Your fold.

Once we had another young woman in our congregation who was also named Ruth Martin. We teased each other about the pros and cons of having the same name, each claiming all good credits and declaring the "other Ruth Martin" guilty of any mishaps. We enjoyed many laughs about our duplicate names. BUT if Jesus had only called "Ruth Martin" to repentance and eternal salvation how could we know which one of us He meant? No, He has always known us and our name from eternity past and to make sure we didn't get confused He said WHOSOEVER and SINNER .

I know that includes me.....and you .


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