The Preacher's Wife


Life is like a puzzle
That comes in little bits;
We strive throughout our lifetime
To make the pieces fit.

But not till we see Jesus
And look into His face,
Will we behold Life's picture
As the last piece falls in place.

Our past we'll view with wonder.
We'll know upon that day
Why many strange dark pieces
Lay scattered 'long the way.

We'll see remembered pleasures
Like colors bright and clear,
Enhanced by Sorrow's shadows,
More vivid and more dear.

Then all the shapes and colors
That plague us through Life's day,
Will form the finished picture
That He saw...all the way.

Copyright. ruthrmartin.1968

Comments on the Poem 'Puzzles'.

We had a very special relationship, Boonie and I; indeed that very special relationship that only exists between a grandmother and a little girl . I remember so many sweet, happy times that we shared. I would sit on her lap and watch the birds come to eat the food she put out for them. Even now, I think of her when I see the scarlet flash of a cardinal for he was her favorite. We sat in the big porch swing and I would beg, " Tell me about when you were a little girl." and she would weave a wonderful story around her childhood experiences. She baked cakes and I "licked the bowl" (unless my brother was quicker than I and grabbed the spoon first) She frosted the tall layer cakes with rich homemade icing and I scraped the last delicious bites from the bowl. She looked the other way when I slid a sneaky finger along the edge of a freshly frosted cake and popped it into my mouth. She baked cookies and made me a special one. She could take cookie or biscuit dough and with a deft twist of her hands turn it into a bird-on-a-nest., complete with beak, wings and feathers..

She enjoyed simple things and simple pleasures. One of these was working jigsaw puzzles. How many times have I seen her sitting before a small table in the front room,fitting pieces together. And she patiently taught me how to work puzzles,, too. First, locate and anchor all the corner pieces. Then build the supportive frame. Finally, fill in the center by matching colors, shapes, etc.

Now, years later, I've learned the greater lesson.. life is like a puzzle. First,I must anchor my life in God. The Word teaches us that Jesus is The Cornerstone and that our faith in Him as our Savior is the only solid foundation we can lay. So to solve the puzzle of life, we must anchor the corners of our life in Him, Then build a sturdy frame of faith, obedience , prayer, study of the Word, love, other godly pursuits.

Then we can fill in the rest of our life with confidence and peace of mind and heart.


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