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When I, a soul-wrecked sinner
Was 'drift upon Life's sea,
The Lord looked down and saw me
And came to rescue me.

He found me lost and helpless
Distressed by doubt and fear;
He put His arms around me
And gently drew me near.

At first I fought against Him
And tried my self to save,
But with my ev'ry effort
Sank deeper neath the waves

Yet all the time He waited,
And softly spoke to me,
Until I saw, He only,
Could ever set me free.

At last I ceased my struggles
And called, "O Lord, Save me!"
And e'er the words were spoken
The Lord had lifted me.

Upon a Rock He set me--
Raised high on fair, bright land;
New robes of white He gave me.
I joined His ransomed band.

And now I live rejoicing..
Each day grows sweeter still,
For Jesus walks beside me..
I know He always will.

Ruth Martin.7.3.70

Copyrights ©RuthRMartin February 5, 2004


One summer our family spent a few days of relaxation at a place near the sea. We walked aimlessly along the shore, feeling the smooth sands shifting under our lazy steps, picking up shells, watching the gulls and other birds whirling and swooping , diving, listening to their shrill calls. We watched the endless waves roll in, we waded into them as they broke gently about our feet. We lifted our faces to the breeze, tasting salt on our lips. All the lovely "nothings" one does at the seashore.

One afternoon, from our safe indoor vantage point, we watched a storm gather some distance off-shore and unleash it's fury. Dark wind-tossed clouds flashed with blinding lightening. Thunder cracked and rolled overhead. The turbulent sea turned itself inside-out, frenzied waves climbing over angry waves, breaking and falling back upon itself with a loud deafening crash,foaming like a mad thing. Winds rushed and tore and screamed and roared. We thrilled at the exciting, terrible, magnificent spectacle.

But then, during a lull in the storm, someone spoke....."I hope no one is out there".

What a picture is brought to mind. A picture of our own frightened, helpless, hopeless, state. adrift upon the Sea of Life, driven and buffeted by sin, until He Who once spake" Peace" to a stormy sea spoke "Peace" to our troubled.longing hearts and lifted us to the safe haven of His love and mercy . Like Peter, sinking 'neath the waves, we cry out in desperation, "LORD, SAVE ME!" ..........and He does.

*(read the story in Matt:24:24-32)



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