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For years, February has been designated as Heart Month. Taking the cue from the outpouring of expressions of "love from the heart" on Valentine Day, the National Heart Association has adopted the same publicity to call to our attention the important matter of heart disease, it's dangers and risks, prevention and treatment. Other organizations use the symbol of the heart to call attention to themselves. Stores have month long sales with red and pink hearts over every aisle and counter. Best of all, a vast array of Valentine gifts are offered in every store. You have to force your way up to the Valentine cards in order to join in the search for that perfect Valentine for the one or ones we love. We choose this special day to express our deep love and affection for those dear to us. There are cards of every description..funny, "mushy", simple, extravagant..something for everyone's taste. Then there are those tempting boxes of candy, heart shaped, square, oblong , ribbon or flower bedecked. And of course flowers, the universal language of love. A special favorite is a lovely, intimate candlelit dinner, with lacy or snowy tablecloth, roses or other favorite blossom. Even little kids love this day, bringing their sweet little tokens of devotion to those they love. Yes, we all love Valentine Day because it gives us the opportunity to express in some measure our love for those special people so dear to our heart. The undisputed symbol of this day is the, pink, gold, whatever..the heart is the natural choice. We speak of the heart as the seat of our emotions. The expression.."with all my heart" the fullest measure of love w can give. Yes, if the heart is the symbol, the one message is ..LOVE. Love in all it's facets: sweethearts, husbands and wives, parents and children, friends..on this one day the whole world... well, at least our own country.. resounds with lovesongs, is pampered with cards and gifts, is fragrant with perfumes and flowers, is indulged with candy and exquisite cuisine.

But there is a Love that so far surpasses the finest, the deepest, the purest and most devoted love of mankind, that there are no words or language, no action known to man that can adequately describe it or express it's depth and width and breadth. Of course, I speak of the immeasurable Love of God. He loved us before we were born, because even then He knew our past, present and future. He knew when we would fail and fall, when we would be tempted and defeated, when we would break His heart with our waywardness.He knew all these things and He loved us anyway. He knew we were weak and incapable of righteousness, and of self- redemption. He saw us in our misery, in the dust of our hopelessness and He gave the supreme Valentine..the ultimate gift of Love. He gave His Son. When Jesus hung on the Cross at Calvary, when His blood poured red and warm from His broken, wounded body, when His life ebbed painfully away, with each beat of His holy heart, he sent the message to a lost and dying world. He sent His Valentine, and every throb of His weakened heart said,"I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU..I Looove youu-u-.....". till there was no more blood to be shed, no more heart beats to throb, no more breath to whisper His love.

Ah, but His Valentine to us was not finished... Three days later, one listening might have heard beyond that huge stone, a rustling, a stirring, a faint beat, growing stronger and stronger and louder and louder and now the message echoes around the world. "I have defeated Death and I bring to you LIFE ,my precious gift of Love bought at unspeakable cost. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU." And the song goes on..and on..and on....

all rights.ruthmartin.February 2006


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