The Preacher's Wife


I've never climbed a mountain high;
Perhaps I never will.
But I have walked in fellowship
With God upon a hill.

I've never braved a torrent,
'Tis much too wild for me.
But I have stood by waters still
And heard God speak to me.

I've never been to royal court
And bowed before a king;
But I shall kneel before God's throne
And hear the angels sing.

I've never lived in foreign lands,
Though pleasant it would be,
But I shall dwell in Beulah Land
Beside the crystal sea.

I've never strolled in marbled halls
Their beauty fair to see,
But I have been on Holy Ground
For God was there with me.

I've never seen a battle fought
Upon a bloody field,
But I have seen Life's vict'ries won
Upon Golgotha's Hill.

I've never crossed the ocean
Or channel deep and wide,
But I shall cross o'er Jordan
With Jesus by my side.

I've never felt an earthquake's rage-
I hope 'twill never be,
But I have felt God's still, small voice
Bring peace and joy to me.

I've never strayed midst hist'ries ruins
Their glories past to see,
But God has planned my future-
And that's enough for me.

all rights. ruthrmartin.1965

Comments from Ruth on Triumphs

I sat in a group of much-traveled friends and listened as they cheerfully exchanged stories and experiences from their journeys. It all sounded so exciting that I grew a bit envious and felt a bit left out, just sitting there, having nothing to add to the conversation. Afterward, I wandered down to the dock, looked out over the peaceful lake that I loved and slowly the thoughts in this poem began to take shape in my mind. The Lord sweetly took away the feelings of inadequacy and showed me wonderful things that I had seen and done in spiritual realms that far out-weighed anything accomplished in this world's measure. The next day I wrote the poem and called it Triumphs because the Lord had given me victory over my feelings of the night before. Much later, reading the poem again and looking back across the years,I realized the Lord had given me such a full , satisfying life that I had never felt deprived of anything important, and, surprise! He had allowed me to do and see most of the things I had written about as something beyond my reach.


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