The Preacher's Wife

I Thought I Saw A Unicorn

I thought I saw a unicorn.
Of course, I can't be sure
Because to see a unicorn
One's heart must be most pure

I thought I saw his snow-white form
A- glist'ning through the trees.
I thought I saw his gentle eyes
A-peering through the leaves.

I thought for just a moment there
I saw his shining horn
Arising from his forehead,
Bright wand, so nobly borne.

Now, I know the woods were shady,
Quite cool and pleasant there,
But here and there bright sunlight
Flit through where limbs were bare.

And just like teasing fingers
The sun-rays touched him so
Midst moving leaves and shadows
And caused his form to glow.

I held my breath. I dared not breathe,
I didn't move or blink;
I tried to steal a better look-
I knew not WHAT to think.

I felt no fear-just sheer delight
This creature here to see.
Oft told in myth and fable,
He's hiding HERE-with ME!

I barely caught a fleeting glimpse
A flash-and he was gone,
A shimmering, shining snow-white blur-
And I was left alone.

I HOPE I saw a unicorn
That chose to let me see
A briefest glimpse of pure white form
To bring such joy to me.

This fabled creature only comes
Where Truth and Love prevail.
He cannot live where Falsehood rules
Where Sin and Evil dwell.

No wonder he so scarce is seen
Throughout the world today,
Where Sin is king and Evil reigns
And Deceit controls the way.

He searches for a village,
A city or a town,
Where people love each other
And lives are honor-bound.

He searches out true motives,
Looks deep inside the heart,
And if he finds there hidden sins
He quickly will depart.

I THOUGHT I saw a unicorn.
Of course I can't be sure,
Because to see a unicorn
One's heart must be MOST pure.

all rights. Copyright Ruthrmartin.2001

Comments on I Thought I Saw A Unicorn

Beneath our years of realism and maturity and sophistication and skepticism , hides the child we used to be. Only a child has the marvelous imagination required to enter that wonderful world of make-believe inhabited by tiny fairies sliding down silvery moonbeams or riding on the back of a bluebird or a gorgeous butterfly or dancing among splashing raindrops; of elves, mermaids and fantastical animals that could talk. Oh, yes, of course I know this is all childish fantasy and everyone knows there are no such things, but just for a moment, be a child again and ask "What if....?"

One such wonderful mythical creature is the unicorn. For hundreds of years various stories in myth and fable have evolved about this creature.. Basically, a unicorn is supposed to resemble a gentle, fleet, secretive, smallish white horse with long flowing mane and goatee beard. It's particular identification is it's long, slender, shining single horn growing from the middle of it's forehead. Stories tell us this magical creature is symbolic of Truth and Purity and cannot exist in the atmosphere of falsehood, evil or deceit.

Indeed, in medieval times, the unicorn was often used as a symbol of Christ Himself, Who is Truth and Purity personified; the shining horn is easily seen as representative of the Crown of the King of Kings. In a world so stained and tarnished with lies, deceit and every kind of impurity, a shining symbol of purity and truth would certainly be a welcome sight.

Small wonder then, that the half-wish lies tucked away that someday, somewhere one might unexpectedly encounter that wonderful creature..the unicorn

. But everyone knows they don't exist." Except in the finest reach of the purest mind".


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