The Preacher's Wife

What Man Is This?

What manner of Man is this,
That even the storms obey His voice?
That even the winds that howl and blow,
That even the waves tossed to and fro,
Grow calm and still,
Ashamed of their own noise?

What manner of Man is this,
Who cures the sick and heals the lame?
Makes even sightless eyes to see;
And fettered souls and minds are freed,
Find glad release,
Never to be the same?

What manner of Man is this,
Who folds me to His loving breast?
Who heals my wounds and dries my tears;
Who takes my griefs and stills my fears?
Who makes me His,
And gives me Peace and Rest?

Who takes upon Himself a Tree?
Who trods the road of Death and Pain
To cleanse ME from Sin's dreadful stain?
O Wondrous Name!
"Tis Jesus..It is He!!

"...and they feared exceedingly and said one to another, "What manner of Man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?" Mark 4:35-41

all rights. ruthrmartin.1980

Comments from Ruth on WHAT MAN IS THIS?

There is something so wonderful, so awesome, so joyous, so exciting, so "takes my breath away", about the miracles of Jesus when He was here on earth. Every time I read them, I feel the same "brand-new-ness" and expectancy and delight that I felt the first time. It's almost like an electric thrill racing through my being. In sign language a miracle translates into "wonderful happening" which is a fitting description of these amazing events--"full of wonder" in the hands of the One whose name is Wonderful.

Preparing a series of lessons on the Miracles is a bit like taking a journey down rabbit tracks: little side paths leading to and from the moment of quite explosion. . .when the miracle takes place. Getting lost in the story is like being transported back in time to become a participant in the unfolding drama. Sometimes I view the event from the standpoint of the spectators, the crowds that thronged Him constantly. Why are they here.? Entertainment? Something to talk about at dinner?Curiosity? Hunger for something that satisfies?

Sometimes I take the view of the person who is about to receive the miracle Are they hoping? Doubting? Even un-suspecting? Do they know Who is entering their life? One thing they all have in common. They all have a great need that is beyond human help.

Then, there is the Lord Himself. Only He is never surprised. He has known all along the person will be here in this place, He already knows what the need is and He already knows what He is going to do about it.

There were so many recorded miracles. He healed the blind, the deaf, the lame, the sick, the leper, the demon-possessed. He raised the dead. Our hearts almost stop beating as He raises His voice and calls, "Lazarus, Come forth" and from the darkness of the tomb a figure moves and stumbles out into the bright sunlight, encumbered with soon to be discarded grave clothes-alive again.

Of course this poem is about the time the Savior stilled the storm at sea..The weary Savior sleeps in one end of the boat as the seasoned sailor disciples frantically battle the storm. Accusingly they wake Him. What do they expect Him to do? There is just that unspoken plea: "Master, DO SOMETHING", See Him sit up, stretch a bit, rise and move to the side of the boat. There He stands.....Majesty in a fishing boat. He looks at the raging sea and howling wind and with firm authority speaks to the wild storm as one scolds a disorderly child."Peace, be still." "Hush, be quiet". The stunned disciples are speechless with holy fear and awe and ask each other the question that needed no answer. "What manner of Man is this that even the wind and the sea obey His voice?". They knew.

One day, oh, joy beyond joy, He performed a miracle upon me. He forgave and cleansed me of my sin and came into my heart to stay. He performs miracles in my life constantly. He stills the tempests and storms in my life with His " Peace, be still". He healed my sin-sick soul, He opened my sightless eyes to the blinding Light of His Presence. He broke the fetters and bondage of sin. He bears my burdens, calms my fears and dries my tears, He folds me to His breast and comforts and heals my aching, broken heart and givesme Peace, Joy, Assurance, Strength, Guidance and Rest . What He gives is Himself. Oh Name above all Names. most Lovely , adored and Precious name of Jesus. Miracle of Miracles,that such a One with such a Name gives Himself for and to me. RRM'01


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