by Barbara Sanders

Never under estimate what you can become in your life, when you have a humble beginning! Take Miss Dena, for instance. She was born in a little log cabin in Brilliant, Alabama. Nice name for a great beginning place, wouldn't you say? Brilliant towns grow 'brilliant' people!

Her mother was a homemaker and her daddy worked in the mines part of the time. He also farmed. He would buy a farm, and work it a few years, and then he would go back to the mines.

From these humble beginnings, Miss Dena got a great start. She always had a determination to make something of herself. She first wanted to be a nurse, but went on to become a schoolteacher. She would attend college in Florence, Alabama, during the summer months, and teach in the winter months. While in college, she played basketball, in the forward position. She also took her first train rides to other cities, during those years.

During her earlier days, things were much different than they are now. In fact, she said she had seen lots of changes over her ninety-seven years on earth. There was no electricity. In fact, she met her husband, when he was working for Alabama Power in north Alabama. He had come to her parents' home to put in their electricity.

And, Miss Dena never stops! Wondering what this agile lady, ninety-seven years 'young', received for Mother's Day? You aren't going to believe it! She was given a hoe with which to garden, and a file to keep it sharp! Never underestimate this lady! Her days aren't over yet! She'll be busy when the Lord calls her home. So, when you feel you're 'getting old' and you run out of things to do 'at your age', think of Miss Dena! I am sure she could give you some pointers!

Written ©June 9, 2001 by Barbara Sanders, AL. All rights reserved.


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