Happy Valentine's Day




IF Heaven had a special place/gallery,
To display its most wondrous creation;
Your portrait would be there enshrined,
As a source of endless inspiration.

 win hearts with kindness

Today is the day of love.
Yesterday has gone;
Tomorrow may never come.

crossGOD IS LOVEcross
1 John 4:8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

Does The Bible Really Say All That About Romance?

A Different Kind of Love

Annie's 'What Is God's Valentine' Page

The Love That Knows No Bounds

The Greatest Gift of All - Love

Devotional Looking For Love

Showers of Love


Candy and flowers are the two gifts given most on Valentine Day.

Mendocino Chocolate Company
Valentine Day Candy Bouquet

Flowers: The Universal Language of Love
The Language of Flowers

Take time to send your valentine a special gift. Visit Valentine Day gift ideas for Your Techie Sweetheart
Valentine Day Gifts from Vermont Teddy Bear
Valentine Gift Baskets

Valentine Gift Box Directions to make
Valentine Gift Ideas for the Diabetic or Over-weight Sweetheart


Meanings of Flowers

Red Rose - LoveWhite Rose - Charm and Innocence
Yellow Rose - FriendshipPink Rose - Perfect Happiness
Roses, white & red - UnitySlipper Orchid - Beautiful Lady
Pink Rose - IndecisionSunflower - Admire/Adore
Camellia,white - lovelinessRed Carnation - Admiration
White Carnation - Pure and ardent loveFern - fascination
Daisy - Innocence, gentlenessDaffodil - Regard
Chrysanthemum, red - I love youFor-get-me Not - true love
Primrose - Young LoveRosebud - Beauty & youth
Larkspur - an open heartTulip - the perfect lover


Valentine Day Cards
Enough cards to go around. Send them a Valentine's Day card
Valentine Day Cards from CARE 2

God's Valentine
Virtual Valentine

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Achin', Breakin' Valentine - Christian Article

Marvelicious Valentine's Day

Peggie's Place is the place to visit on Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from Charlene's Homepage
Happy Valentine's from Pavers Nest

starThe Leftover Valentine

Valentine Sonnet from Shakespeare
The Valentine Thief A Children's Story

Valentine's Day Links - Debbie's Unit Factory

Valentine Recipe URLS

Valentine Be Mine! Romantic Recipesnew
Valentine Recipes
Valentine Brownie Hearts
Sara Lee Recipes - Valentine's Day - Hearts in a Frame
Valentine's Day Recipes

Hershey's Valentine Recipes



The Origin of Valentine's Day

Who was St. Valentine?

St. Valentine


Cupid's Arrows are coming your way!Cupid's Cove CityLink

POST OFFICE - Valentine, Texas
Have your Valentine's postmarked here!
Happy Valentine's Day from VALENTINE, NEBRASKA

Happy Valentine's Day from the Empire State Building!

heartsLOVE hearts

A temporary insanity curable by marriage or by removal of the patient from the influences under which he incurred the disorder. This disease, like caries and many other ailments, is prevalent only among civilized races living under artificial conditions; barbarous nations breathing pure air and eating simple food enjoy immunity from its ravages. It is sometimes fatal, but more frequently to the physician than to the patient.

Taken from The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce Copyright expired!

starThe True Meaning of Love

the Meaning of Love
The Meaning of Love - 2 languages


"Til There Was You"

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