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Psalms 27:3 Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident.

War is serious! And, it seems that war is almost imminent. In these next few days, weeks and months, we need to ban together and pray for our troops. We need to also pray for the President and his staff, and they make the decisions which will ultimately put us in harm's way of the enemy. But, God is our refuge and we have to put our trust in Him, that He will bring our troops through this terrible time.

Our nation has been attacked by terrorists, as have other countries. And, the attacks continue and have escalated in other parts of the world. War to help remove some of the threats against us and other nations hasn't been well-accepted by some. Others stand with the President in his decision to go to war to combat the terrorists. He needs our support in this time of trouble.

Presidential Prayer Team
Pray for Our President

Pastor's Wife Response to 'Average Military Man' Article

Average Military Man


Remembering Our Soldiers Abroad

Our Soldiers - Marching Off To War
Praying For Our Soldiers
A Prayer for our Troops
Trust God - Prayer is the Answer
Pray for our president, our country and troops

Send A Message to the Troops
Operation Dear - Send a Message to any service member

God Is Our Refuge -- Freedom is not free -- Pray For Our Troops

The Price of Freedom

Leaning On God
Upon This Rock I stand
Facing Death and God
Jesus, Lover Of My Soul

Our America
God Is With Us
In Times Like These

Finding Peace


Tattered Flag

My American Flag
Pledge of Allegiance
The Story of the Pledge of Allegiance
Flag Etiquette

Home Safety

Homeland Security
National Security

AVIDD - American Veterans in Domestic Defense
Prayers and Responses to Crisis

News Resources

Daily Entourage News

Christian News - Worthy News
Christian Broadcasting News
The Christian News Digest - War With Iraq
Today at Agape News
U.S. Political News - News of Interest to Christians
Minute-News - Breaking News
Hal Lindsey Oracle Politics Specials
Sierra Times - War News
War News - Sept 11 News Service - The War on Terrorism
The War Against Terrorism News
Newsmax.Com - The Case for Going to War


Defend America

NATO and other allied contributions to the war on terrorism
Commentaries: Support War Against Terrorism

Veterans Group Shows Support For Overseas Troops


Light-Heartedness Among The Darkness

War Against Terrorism - Editorial Cartoons by Chappatt

Support Our Troops - T-Shirt

War Letters - Armed Services Edition


Personal Web Sites

War & The Word: God's Peace In The Coming Storm
Tower of Strength Archives at Peggie's Place
Support Our Military Men & Women with prayer and encouraging words

Never Forget The Tragedy of 9-11


God Bless America . . Honor Veterans . . Bless Our Troops!

Memorial to Veterans of Foreign Wars
Remembrance of War Veterans
My Tribute to Veterans br>

Veterans Day
Memorial Day
The Memories That Live On

"A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words"

Directory of Veterans Service Organizations


Not Dead Until Forgotten

Tomb of the Unknowns
Tomb of the Unknowns - Arlington Cemetery
Tomb of the Unknowns Rescue Guide
Readings - The Unknown Soldier
Society of the Tomb Guard of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

In Remembrance of Unsung Heros (A Tribute to POWS/MIAS)
All POW-MIA Site Map
Federal Research Division - POW/MIA Home Page
Operation Just Cause
POW/MIA Info and Records
Military POWs and MIAs
World War II - American PowS and MIAS
Sadaam Hussein's Refusal to Account for Gulf War Prisoners


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