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Books So you are ready to build a have a PC or MAC...then you are at the right place. I have two different website, all built by me, for me, and without editors. I began to build them, out of a desire to see if I could really master a site without using the editors, and learning the basics of HTML on my own. I succeeded, but with lots of trial and error times. This is par for the course, if you choose my way of doing things. I was intent on NOT using an editor, although you might decide to use one. I might add that we never stop learning, especially if one doesn't use an editor. You just check, and recheck, and check again, and then run them through the many web page checkers online to see that the HTML and Urls, etc., are correct.

I began surfing the net to find out how others did their websites, the HTML codes they used, what they used them 'for'..... and the different procedures they used in getting the 'custom look' they desired for their site. I did a simple template, composed from a small write up in a PC NOVICE book a few years ago, and subsequently put up my first four pages on my first website - my biggest yet.. and had it up and running within 3 days, a surprise to my son, who is very knowledgable in those things. :)

My site grew as I learned more and more techniques. I also purchased my one and only HTML book - a must for those serious web builders!

Teach Yourself Web Publishing With HTML 4Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML 4 in a Week
is one of Laura Lemay's books. If you purchase this book, you won't go wrong!!

There are HTML codes out there higher now, but for me, the book I bought of Laura Lemay's was the beginning. I will never regret spending the money I did on this book!! It has been well worth it and I still refer to it often, especially those times when I need a refresher course on things I don't do daily on my website building.

I will attempt to provide you with the links you will need to get on your way with a website - start small and grow! Study as you go, and let your website grow as your knowledge grows....don't attempt to apply something to your website that you do not understand. It might turn out rather bad, gaudy, or just distasteful to others.

One thing to keep in mind; never use gaudy, outlandish backgrounds. They are a turn off to most people. Don't use flashy, big gifs - use only those that you find necessary to make your site 'yours'.... the less animation you use, the better. Animated files are rather large and take a long time to download; if you put more than one on a page, then your page is going to download slowly, and you will get 'raving reviews', but they won't be the nice kind......people don't like slow-downloading pages.



  1. To display the Copyright symbol, use the [ ; ] semi-colon preceeded by [ & ] and [ copy ]; this will display the copyright sign on your pages. Example: ©1999 Barbara's Entourage.. Or use Alt and 0169 on the keypad,which will produce the symbol as well.

    10 Big Myths about copyright explained

  2. Never take graphics from any personal website that's not a graphic site without asking permission for using the graphics. Some webmasters DO make their own graphics specifically for their sites, and frown on others taking them.
  3. Never link to another webmaster's server for your graphics. This is wrong as well as bad NETIQUETTE, and it could cause that webmaster to lose their web pages. This is called "BANDWIDTH stealing"......and is frowned upon. It also might 'earn' you a bad graphic, for stealing!

    The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette by Arlene Rinaldi

  4. Be careful in using frames. Two frames are enough; if you must, not over three. They get annoying, and people will complain; trust me!

    Using Frames - pros and cons

  5. Check for broken links on all pages periodically. Fix them as soon as possible!




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