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God is an awesome God!! And the Internet is a place that's designed to share HIM with others. It's a place where we, as Christian women, can come together to honor our God, as Saviour, friend, and guide. Here, on this page, you will find the SEVEN women brought together by a wonderful friend, Peggie, from Peggie's Place, the 'the most fun Christian home on the web'. There you will find almost anything imaginable - urls to hundreds of wonderful Christian sites, both for children and adults. She has school Urls, church urls - you name it, she probably has it. A site to add to your bookmarks.

Well, this remarkable lady has the heart of gold, the initative it takes to 'tread on new waters'......literally. It is she who has brought the next 7 women together - as the WEB WOMEN of the WORD. It was she who decided our "bus" had to be purple. Yes, she loves those outlandish colors. She is very young at heart!

She's even developed us a page called Sisters 'n Saints!! Go check it out!

friends forever

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Web Women of the Word


Among these seven women, you will find seven states represented. Many of us have had our ministry pages on the Web for sometime. We occasionally (VERY occassionally) change the look of our pages (a woman's prerogative), and add other pages to our web site.


Annie is from the beautiful sunshine state of Florida. She is a mother of a son. Her pages have a vast array of links. Her site also deals with chronic illness, and she has started a group of Email Encouragers, with many who pray and encourage the needy. You'll find lots for homeschooling on her site as well.

Annie's HomePage
Annie's Email Encourager Page

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Cher is our former hairdresser, so she can keep us up-to-date on new ideas! She is a wonderful Christian from the state of Kansas, an author and illustrator of children's books, and she loves kids! She also painted the BUS on this page, from which I took all our photographs. Visit her pages and see her great work for the Lord.

Cherbear's Christian Children's Literature

Web Women of the Word
A delightful and entertaining site!!
Critter Junction - Books by Gramma Cherbear

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The pastor's wife from Ohio, mother of seven, homemaker, and one of the best cooks around! She is also a great singer. She also holds classes to show people how to make Ukrainian Easter Eggs, and she is professional!

The Pastors Wife's Home Page
The Haven
Ukranian Easter Eggs

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Peggie comes from Missouri - the 'show me' state. She's a spunky lady, ready to try almost anything. She is the mother of two rowdy, intelligent teenagers, that keep her extra busy! She plays piano in church, speaks at conferences all over the United States, and tries to run a house. How does she do it? Very carefully!! You'll love Peggie, so go visit her pages! Lots waiting for you!

Peggie's Place
Sister's 'n Saints
Ministering for Christ on the World Wide Web
Daily Bible Booster
Fun 'n Faith Newsletter

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Never thought there could be another Martha Stewart? Think again! It's our friend, Vickie, coming from the great state of Pennsylvania! She is an avid gardener, homemaker, writer, wife, mother, and, most of all, loves God with all her heart!

Pavers Nest
Treasure Hunter - an Inspirational
Simply Abigail!
You'll find yourself in Vickie's wonderful stories!
Woman To Woman

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And, then there's this web author, who comes from Alabama, in the heart of the Bible belt. I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, and web mistress. I'm a former seamstress and made custom draperies, and everything else that went with that line of work. Then, we heard about 'retiring'! AND, it's great! Devote my time to working on the ministry pages, playing with grandkids, watching their soccer games, and just doing 'my thing'.

Barbara's Entourage
Food From the Master's Table Devotions
Daily Dose of God's Word

The Beginning of My Life On The Web

Entourages Mantle Weekly Newsletter
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Speak To My Heart: Inspirational Stories By Barbara

NEW FROM BARBARA: Tidbits And Treasures

OWEG Lamplady

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Night owls?-----Owl Mascot--- or Morning roosters?
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The Christian Online Magazine
Reaching the World for Jesus

10 Steps to Fulfilling Your Divine Destiny10 Steps to Fulfilling Your Divine Destiny
A Christian Woman's Guide to Learning & Living God's Plan for Her
By Marnie L. Pehrson
Have you ever said, "I'd love to do great things with my life, but I'm just too busy, too untalented, too ordinary, too afraid, too anything but extraordinary"? Inside this book you'll learn who you are and what your life is about. You'll learn to identify and remove roadblocks that stand in your way and how to draw close enough to God for Him to reveal His plan for your life. Click here to read an excerpt and learn how you can order your copy today!

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