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I have many 'faces'- Daughter, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, WebMinister, and Child of the King! You can learn more about these 'faces' by reading the links below.

How I Got My Start On The Internet

NEW ADDITION - Tidbits And Treasures

Inspirational Stories - Speak To My Heart - By Barbara

Pins And Needles
Mothers In Their Prime
From Mother To Grandmother
Grandma With Spirit!
I'm A Grandmother Now
Housed With Kids


When you visit a web site, you often wonder who is behind the writings, who pushes the buttons, and is that person really real. I assure you, I am certainly real! God has given me the talent to write and make this web site fully functional and visited. My faith in Jesus Christ has kept me going throughout all the problems you encounter keeping up a big site such as this.

Super Saint I Ain't!
The Potter's Clay

My denomination affilation is with the Church of God of Cleveland, TN. I was brought up in this church from my birth. My Mother is still living at the age of 92 1/2 and is a member of my old hometown church.

I was, at one time, the pianist and played for our local church quartet, as well as sing in it. So, my bag of duties is full, but My Cup Runneth Over! with blessings!

I've been married to the same man for 45 years in July of 2009. Going back, I'd not change a thing! Bill and I are still in love with another just as we were then, or perhaps it grows to be a deeper, more meaningful relationship, as your grow older together. Certainly, children and grandchildren have changed us tremendously. But, we still enjoy each other's company, don't mind each other's quiet times, and never go to bed mad, something I learned from my Mom years ago.

Bill and Carroll

Married and loving it!


Thanks to my friend, Vickie of Paver's Nest for the beautiful 'adoption Barbara'.

Along with all the things I've done, I also oil paint. I got started with oil painting with my sister-in-law back in the early 1980's. We took classes from a lady, at first. When she retired, we began to take classes from John Sachs, a wonderful artist. I owe all I know to him. Hopefully, one day, I will go back and take more classes. I have many beautiful paintings, given many away, and have also sold a few.


Daily Dose of God's Word
From The Master's Table


Web Women Of The Word
The English In Me - TEA!

Barbara's Family Album
Needs updating with newer pictures - children grow up!


Paver's Nest - Vickie Paver
Who In The World Is Peggie? - Peggie Bohanon
Misty Taggart - Ordinary Woman/Extraordinary God
Georgia Sawhook - My Personal Testimony
Cherbear's Testimony
Annie's Testimony Page

anchor is Jesus

The Anchor Holds
Anchor Your Life

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