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The phone rang in a Sioux City, Iowa's family home in June of 1999. The voice on the other end of the line told a tale of probable death and at the very least, amputation of both legs of the family's oldest son, Edward Wood. More commonly known as Ed or Eddie. The call continued. The parents, Jerry and Betty Wood, should get to California as soon as possible, their first born son is not responding to treatment, is in coma, and has been for seven days at this point. The Dr. was very somber, and did not expect Ed to pull through the day, and if, by some miracle he did, they would have to amputate one or both legs as they were severely infected, and bloated from an internal disease known as Cellulitus. The parents caught the next available plane to California. This is the story of that trip, the events prior to that trip and the event after the devastating, heartbreaking trip. A trip that took around six hours to get there, plus another hour and one half by car, to get to the town of Barstow, Californina where the oldest son of Betty and Jerry Wood, lay in an ICU unit, his life ebbing away minute by minute. A story of how Satan was working on stealing the life from Eddie Wood, and stealing the joy of a first born son, away from Mr. & Mrs. Wood and their family. A very bleak and complete hopeless picture had been painted to the Woods as they climbed aboard that jet to wing their way to be with their first born son, as he lost his life to this sudden and deadly disease. To stand by helplessly and watch the life eek out of their son. Or at the very least, sit by and watch the Drs., IF Ed came out of that deadly coma, cut off his legs and make him an invalid the rest of his life. As the young people of our day say, "NOT!!" This is also a story of a miracle of the the power of the Almighty God, a testimony that has proven to shine and bless people, literally, all over the world. This is a testimony about my Lord, my Savior and my deathbed buster, Jesus Christ. I, am Eddie Wood, the survivor of this horrible experience, only through the grace of my Lord and His healing powers.

The story starts in Tulare CA. a small town in central California. I was an owner/operator of a semi rig, was in Tulare to pick up a load of powdered bulk milk headed for Mason City, IA and home to Sioux City, IA. I had owned this rig for over two years now, and was a veteran driver having put in 17 yrs. in the long haul trucking business. God had blessed me, many times over, and had put this rig into my hands through the power of prayer. Our Lord says, He will give us the desires of our hearts and owning my own rig was the desire of my heart, for sure. I was making good wages the business was doing well and I was able to bless God's work more than I had been able to all my life. I believe, that Satan hated this so much, that he tried to take my life away from me and take my joy. He nearly succeeded, too. On May, 27, 1999, I had loaded the truck and I was on my way home. I had spent a month out on the road and was ready for the time off. As I finished loading, I started to feel lightheaded and thought I was a little warm.

I contributed that to the California heat at the time. As I left and headed south to Bakersfield, I kept feeling progressively worse. I made it to Bakersfield, and laid down for a while at a truck-stop and rested. I was starting to burn up. I took some over the counter meds and went to sleep.

I woke up 4 hours later, and was feeling a bit better. I was soaked with sweat and figured the fever had broke. I took a quick shower and headed off. I needed to be in Mason City in a few days. As I took off that night, late, I was headed towards Barstow and then to Las Vegas to pick up the Interstate towards Utah and then connect in Salt Lake for the Interstate 80 into Nebraska and Iowa. Before I reached Mojave, CA. I was sick again, and big time this time. I could not keep any bodily fluids in me. I constantly was eliminating something somewhere. I was sick!

I made it to Mojave to a small truck stop and made it inside, looking for a doctor or hospital and none was to be found. The closest thing was Barstow, about 35 miles east. I do not remember too much from that point and a big gap is missing. I am told that I called home and told them I was ill, and I had a receipt for $100.00 of fuel I purchased for the truck, and I remember neither of these events. I do remember, though, leaving the truck stop about 2 a.m. and thinking I need to get to Barstow to the hospital. Folks, it took me 12 hours to go that 35 miles. I kept passing out in the truck and would let the rig drift off to the shoulder or into the sand until I came out of it. I could feel these mini comas coming on a few minutes in advance and would be able to get the rig safely off the highway. I know now, that the Almighty God was helping me there! I thank Him every day for keeping me safe until I could get to where I could be helped. I made Barstow truck stop and literally fell out of the truck. A driver helped me inside and the fuel desk lady called me a cab so I could get to the hospital. I checked into ER and within a couple of hours, I was in a coma. I was in that coma 7 days. This is where the phone call to my parents come in.

When my parents, uncles and a friend arrived, I am told, that they came into that ICU unit, and laid hands on me and that bed and rebuked the devil and his lies regarding their son's condition. They commanded this foul, evil disease to leave, to depart in Jesus name! My father, a minister of the gospel in Sioux City, Iowa and an uncle, another minister of the gospel in California, another brother of my fathers and a friend from Sioux City, gathered around that bed and refused to let the devil take their son. Praise God! The Drs. and the nurses were not very positive, from what I understand. They prayed, then they waited. And they waited. And they waited. Five hours later.......this ole boy woke up!! PRAISE GOD!! I can remember opening my eyes, and very blurry visions I focused a bit on familiar faces. Mom, Dad, Uncle Ed, Uncle Don and my friend. I can barely remember wondering and inquiring "What are you all doing here?" I went in and out for a little bit, but I did come out within a day. I was very sick when I did come out. My legs did not work at all. I was unable to get out of the bed, my legs had swelled to nearly 18 " around. When I was able to finally get enough strength to lift my head a bit and look at my legs, they were a terrible sight. The skin was all destroyed, looked like my flesh had boiled. I had severe and tremendous pain in my legs and feet, and of course, the rest of my body. I was plugged into every imaginable place a human can be plugged into with hoses, tubes and monitors. My lips had blistered and broke open completely, my tongue was swollen beyond belief. I could barely whisper and could not swallow very well. I could barely respond to my loved ones or anyone. I could not eat. I could not do the basic things we need to do. I could not use the rest room they even had machines doing that for me. The Dr. came and visited me shortly after I was able to comprehend a bit, and explained the events of the past few days. I was completely out of it. It was a week later, and I could not get through my head it was a week later. It seem like just sleep to me.

I had several Drs. there, each one taking care of something different. As I came out of that coma, besides the things I mentioned before, my heart was not working right, my liver was all but gone, my intestines were developing gangrene, my body was in the dying process. The next steps were to stop that dying process. I was alive, but, barely. I was in that ICU for another week.

I was in a regular hospital room for another week and a couple of days. Finally, they came in and tried to explain to me, that I would probably not walk and if I did, it would be at least a year, and even then, I would not walk well. They explained how I would have to go home in a wheelchair, and how I would have to be taken care of like a baby. Then, these compassionate Drs. put me in a wheelchair, stuck me on a handicapped special car Amtrak train, and sent me home to "be an invalid".

It has not been an easy road, to say the least. There are all sorts of side bars to this story. And it will take more writing to even come close to the trials and tests I have had to go through. And, I am in the process of doing just that. Long and short, is this. In a couple of months, God brought me out of that wheelchair, onto a four-legged walker. A few months later, God brought me off that four-legged walker onto a cane. In August of 2000, God gave me my new lease on life. I was finally able to get out and about on a regular basis, I was able to start a new exercise and diet program which has led me to where I am now. In September of 2000, my cane went bye bye! Praise God.!! Now I am walking on my own! Still problems with the legs and feet, I walk around on numb feet as all nerve endings have been destroyed by the disease. BUT...I am developing new skin, the exercise and vitamins are doing wonders every week. I do give ALL glory to Jesus, every bit of it. The Drs. in California and in Iowa, and even State of Iowa Disability doctor, had all given up on me. Friends, have left my side, people have given up on my recovery. Those I thought were friends, when the going was real tough, they went on their way.

My whole life has been turned completely upside down, in every aspect. New people I meet, and sad to say, even Christian people, when they find my current situation, turn tail and run or just never bother to contact me anymore. I believe, this is however, God's way of cleaning out the chicken coop, if you will. He knows what is best for us, and He certainly, knows what is best for Eddie Wood, in Sioux City, Iowa. My God has given me a new lease on life. A second chance, for what reason, I still have not yet found that answer. But, I do know this. My Lord would not have brought me off that deathbed in central California in 1999 and brought me through all of this just for the sake of doing it. He has a plan for my life, as well as yours, my friend. All we need to do is accept Him and His teachings. And it is very easy to do. We do not have to "be good" or "improve" ourselves before we come to God. He is there, right now, waiting to love you, and to help you and guide you through life. He gave His only Son, Jesus, to die so that you and I may have eternal life. I ask you today, if you have not made that simple commitment to Jesus, how about doing that right now? I will be glad to help you along the way. All you need to do, is say this simple prayer, and mean it with all of your heart. Would you join me in this prayer? I will say it with you, and together, we will go to meet the Father and His son, Jesus. Say this prayer with me.

"Father, who are in heaven, my friend and I come to You today and ask You for forgiveness and mercy. Your word says, "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God." I ask You today, right now, to come into my heart, my life and make me whole. Make me a new person in You, today. I accept You, Jesus, as my Lord and my Savior. I believe in Your birth, your death for us so that we may have eternal life, and I believe in Your rising from the dead. I ask, I believe, and I am saved!" Amen.

Now, friend, find a good gospel preaching church. You can contact me at the contacts below.

Go now and serve Him.

I hope my story has been an inspiration you, friends. Feel free to ask any questions. And if you need prayer, send them to me, via regular mail or e-mail and I can promise you, you will be prayed for and I mean everyday! Praise God! Thanks again, for allowing me to share my Miracle Story with you all. God bless. Have a great day!!

In His Service

Eddie Wood

You may contact Eddie at:

Eddie Wood

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