Do's and Don'ts of Linking

Graphics and backgrounds on this site are made to download to your own computer, and used by you for your personal web pages. It is not considered "Netiquette" to use the ftp site of the one whose graphics/backgrounds you are using to d/load them for your webpages. In other words, this is stealing from the owner of the sites, and could result in one losing their account with any given provider. It could also result in our getting knocked offline due to excess bandwidth use - simply because someone is too lazy to correctly link their graphics/backgrounds through the correct route - their own personal ftp site.

DO: Download any graphic/background to your computer and upload to your ftp site.

DO: Link only from YOUR FTP SITE.

DON'T: Link to the server of the owner of the background/graphics sites from which you get your material.

DON'T: Believe that you won't be caught at sometime or other. We ARE on the internet watching for illegal linking!

DON'T: Act as though nothing is wrong, if you are caught and do nothing about undoing the wrong - WE WILL change graphics and one day you might end up with a "I STOLE BANDWIDTH" notice on your website, rather than the "beautiful background" or "graphic" you have taken from someone else's ftp site. It DOES HAPPEN! And my words above ARE TAME to what some will put on your site, IF you choose to overlook what we've asked - download to your own NOT link to ours!

The Net User Guidelines and Netiquette, by Arlene Rinaldi

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Hey You! Bandwidth Stealing is BAD!

Don't Steal Bandwidth!

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